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Season’s greetings from the jolly purveyors of amusement at! Let’s be honest, shopping for loved ones can be a grumbling chore. The perfect item is often ellusive, and big box stores don’t always carry the most unique presents. If you are still searching for a specific item for that particular person in your life or just browsing for ugly Christmas sweater ideas, look no further for inspiration (or direct links to purchase products!) than this Holiday Gift Guide. From Star Wars fans to Pop! Vinyl addicts, we’ve got you covered with a variety of holiday gifts that will leave a fun and nerdy impression.



Gifts for Men


Buying a holiday gift for that special man in your life is not always an easy task. Thankfully, our team scoured the depths of to come up with a list of cool and nerdy gifts for that brother, husband, boyfriend, father, whatever, in your life. We also included some men's ugly Christmas sweaters at the bottom of this guide!


Star Wars gifts for men

Star Wars gifts for men

Han Solo with TaunTaun Figure – Shop      Boba Fett Adult Hooded Bath Robe – Shop

Chewbacca Messenger Bag – Shop      Darth Vader Puff Jacket – Shop

Star Wars Rebels Knit Hat – Shop     Wind Blown Wookiee Men's Raglan – Shop


Never out of fashion (especially not now, with the release of The Force Awakens, the much-anticipated new film in the Star Wars saga hitting theaters December 18th), a gift inspired by the galaxy far, far, away is always a safe bet. From action figures to attire, drape your favorite man in something Star Wars this season.



Collectible toy gifts for men

Collectible toys gifts for men

T2 Terminator Action Figure – Shop      The Simpsons Anniversary Mega Set – Shop

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Replica – Shop      Super Saiyan Goku Figure – Shop

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Link Figure – Shop      Marvel Deadpool Action Figure – Shop


Once thought of as toys for kids, action figures and collectibles are now a hot commodity for people of all ages. From Terminator to Super Saiyan Goku, these collectibles are great to display at home or at work.



Pop! Vinyl gifts for men

Pop! Vinyl gifts for men

Vault Boy Pop! Vinyl – Shop      Marty McFly Pop! Vinyl – Shop

Metallic Paint Armored Baymax Pop! Vinyl – Shop       Captain America Bobblehead – Shop      

Kylo Ren Bobblehead – Shop      Game of Thrones Jon Snow Pop! Vinyl – Shop


Made by Funko, the ever popular Pop! Vinyl figures are instantly recognizable for their large heads and, more often than not, lack of mouth. Name a movie or television character, and there is a Pop! Vinyl figure made in its image. From Kylo Ren to Captain American to Jon Snow, nobody has ever been mad at a Pop!



Gifts for Women


Shoes, jewelry, and clothing isn’t the most original gift idea for the woman in your life, but when they are as cute as these holiday items, you can get away with it. Star Wars-themed scarves and cuffs, as well as adorable comic book attire round out this fun gift guide for any nerdy girl. In addition to the gifts here, at the bottom of this guide you'll find some funny Christmas sweaters for women!



Star Wars gifts for women

Star Wars gifts for women

Star Wars Darth Vader Women's Loafer – Shop       Darth Saber Junior Leggings – Shop

Irregular Choice Skywalker Light Up High Heel – Shop       BB-8 Dome Bag – Shop

Darth Vader Lightsaber Cuffs – Shop       Versus Foil Viscose Scarf – Shop


With more and more powerful women popping up in the Star Wars universe, young and not-so-young female fans have a reason to rejoice. Give the gift of Darth Vader leggings or the adorable Loungefly BB-8 dome bag for instant galactic karma. Spreading the love of Star Wars this holiday season is never a bad idea.



Accessory gifts for women

Accessories for women

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Bracelet – Shop      Yoshi Envelope Wallet – Shop

Han Cholo Lightsaber Stud Earrings – Shop      Hello Kitty Glasses Purse – Shop

Ouija Envelope Clutch – Shop      Pokemon Viscose Scarf – Shop


It is ill-advised to leave the house without accessories, which makes this list of holiday gift bracelets, wallets, earrings, and more a great piece to peruse before you finalize your Christmas shopping. What girl doesn’t love Yoshi, Hello Kitty, or Harry Potter? These are just some of the nerdy accessories available on to surprise your lady with.



Clothing gifts for women

Clothing gifts for women

Poison Ivy Satin Robe – Shop      Cheshire Cat Hoodie – Shop

Harry Potter Slytherin Cardigan – Shop      Aristocats T-Shirt – Shop

Batman Women's Underoos Tank Set – Shop      Pokemon Charizard T-Shirt – Shop


Clothing is not optional, so why not cover up with attire that speaks to your nerdy passions? From Batman to Pokemon to Harry Potter, we’ve got a wide variety of women-specific gift options.



Gifts for Teen Girls


Shopping for teenage girls has never been this easy with a large selection of fashionable accessories and cute apparel in styles they love! If they're into Star Wars, comics, Doctor Who, Disney, or a variety of other things, we've got you covered. 



Star Wars gifts for teen girls

Star Wars gifts for teen girls

Star Wars Boba Fett Bowler Purse – Shop      Star Wars Earrings Set – Shop

Star Wars R2D2 Bowler Purse – Shop      R2D2 Simple Juniors Sweater – Shop

Womens Star Wars Iridescent Vader Leggings – Shop

Star Wars Chewie's Illin Stance Juniors Raglan – Shop


Star Wars mania is at an all-time high, so if you have a Star Wars fan you're shopping for, now is the perfect time to find unique gifts for them. With so much apparel, bags, and accessories featuring tons of favorite characters, you won't have to search the entire galaxy finding Star Wars gifts for teen girls.



Bag and backpack gifts for teen girls

Bag and backpack gifts for teen girls

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Satchel – Shop      Harley Quinn Hooded Backpack – Shop

Disney Belle Canvas Tote Bag – Shop      Disney Jack Skellington Backpack – Shop

Harry Potter Satchel Fold Wallet – Shop      Hello Kitty Pattern Mini Dome Bag – Shop


One easy and stylish way of showing off your fandom is with a cool backpack or purse featuring your favorite movie or TV show. You can find bags that range anywhere from a subtle "Hey, that's neat," to a more noticable "Wow, look at that bag!" that make perfect gifts for teens.



Stocking stuffer gifts for teen girls

Stocking stuffers for teen girls

Harley Quinn Boot Slippers – Shop      Hello Kitty Tan Scarf – Shop

Neff Strawberry Cupcake Knit Hat – Shop      My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Laplander Hat – Shop

Batman Panties – Shop




If you're looking for stocking stuffers for teen girls, try getting gifts that are soft and will keep them warm and toasty. Nobody likes being cold, and a pair of boot slippers or a knit hat and scarf combo are perfect for staying warm. 



Gifts for Teen Boys


Shopping for teens can be difficult. Does anyone know what they're into anymore? We didn’t think so, but here are some teen gift suggestions that might even get them to crack a smile when they open their presents.



Backpack gifts for teen boys

Backpack gifts for teen boys

Boba Fett Reversible Backpack – Shop      Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Backpack – Shop

Marvel Avengers Comic Print Backpack – Shop    Dragon Ball Z Goku Symbol Messenger Bag – Shop

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Backpack – Shop    Attack on Titan Group Messenger Bag – Shop


What kind of gift do you get for a teenage boy who's too cool for school? An awesome backpack that's too cool for school! We have backpacks for fans of just about anything. Or if they'd like a satchel like Indiana Jones wears, we have those, too!



Video game gifts for teen boys

Video game gifts for teen boys

Fallout Wallet – Shop      Nintendo Zelda Black Snap Back Hat – Shop

Adult Minecraft Creeper Hooded Sweatshirt – Shop      POP! Diablo Tyrael Vinyl Figure – Shop

Halo Infinity Messenger Bag – Shop      World of Warcraft Horde Black Leather Belt – Shop


If you're shopping for a gamer, you can't go wrong with apparel and accessories that match the games they like to play. You could also go with Pop! Vinyl figures of their favorite game characters. 



Stocking stuffer gifts for teen boys

Stocking stuffers for teen boys

Star Wars Throat Hugs Charcoal T-Shirt – Shop      Batman Harley Quinn Sublimated Bill Hat – Shop

Boba Fett Bi-Fold Wallet – Shop      Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Socks – Shop

Nintendo Zelda Logo Beanie – Shop


Finding stocking stuffer gifts for teen boys can be tricky. If you're having trouble thinking of something, try getting them a gift that matches the theme of something else you've given them. For example, if you got them a Batman hoodie, a Batman hat they could wear with it would be great option. 



Gifts for Girls


If you're looking for something fashionable and cute or creative and fun, you'll be able to find fantastic gifts for any girl on your shopping list. We carry an endless selection of gifts available in the most popular themes, so you won't have to look too hard to find something special. 



Hello Kitty gifts for girls

Hello Kitty gifts for girls

Hello Kitty Umbrella – Shop      Hello Kitty Pillow Pet – Shop

Hello Kitty Lunchbox – Shop      Hello Kitty Stuffed Backpack – Shop


Hello Kitty has been a popular character for a long time and is a popular gift choice for girls who are into things cute and Japanese. Some new Hello Kitty gifts include accessory items like lunch boxes and umbrellas.



Disney gifts for girls

Disney gifts for girls

Cinderella Comfy Throw – Shop      Frozen Leggings – Shop

Disney Princess Activity Tote – Shop      Snow White Playset – Shop


Everyone loves Disney, and we've found some great gifts for girls who love Disney princesses. While shirts are always a great option, a comfy throw or leggings featuring their favorite characters are good if you're looking for something different. Other fun Disney gifts include creative art sets and classic figure playsets. 



Toy and plush gifts for girls

Toy and plush gifts for girls

Frozen Playset – Shop      My Little Pony Dash Figure – Shop

Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet – Shop      Little Mermaid Fashion Purse – Shop


Toys are perfect for girls of any age. You can find figures or plushes featuring many characters they love from Disney princesses to My Little Pony, Star Wars, and more! Art sets and crafts are also good for those who like express their creativeness. 



Gifts for Boys


Finding gifts for boys can sometimes be a little tricky because there are too many options! Boys sure do love a lot of things, but there are a couple popular themes that stand out for Christmas 2015. 



Superhero gifts for boys

Superhero gifts for boys

Batman Rain Boots – Shop      Avengers T-Shirt – Shop

Spiderman Comforter – Shop    Justice League Figure Set – Shop


With the Avengers making a splash in 2015 and over a half dozen superhero films to look forward to in 2016, superheroes are a popular theme for boys this year. You can dress them like one of the Avengers in a cool shirt or deck out their bedroom with a Spiderman bed set and they'll feel just a like superhero with gifts like these!



Star Wars gifts for boys

Star Wars gifts for boys

Kylo Ren T-Shirt – Shop      Star Wars BB-8 T-Shirt – Shop

Rey's Speeder Toy – Shop      Stormtrooper Helmet – Shop


Although superhero movies are all the rage lately, one movie is creating much bigger waves. With the first Star Wars movie since 2005 (and arguably the first good Star Wars film since 1983) releasing in December 2015, Star Wars gifts are a great choice for anyone on your list. The Force is strong with these gifts. 



Toy and plush gifts for boys

Toy and plush gifts for boys

Paw Patrol Playset – Shop      Nerf Blaze Storm Gun – Shop

Minions Block Set – Shop      Minecraft Creeper Plush – Shop


Make no mistake about it, boys love toys. Anything they can play with, shoot, or build make excellent gifts for boys. Whether they're into characters like Minions, video games like Minecraft, or anything else, we have a selection of toys and plush gifts that are sure to please anyone. 



Ugly Sweater Gifts for Everyone!

Ugly Sweater gifts

Laser Cat-Zillas Christmas Sweater – Shop      All I Want for Christmas is Bacon Sweater – Shop

Christmas Present Sweater – Shop      Yeti Christmas Sweater – Shop

Snowman with Scarf Christmas Sweater – Shop      Gingerbread Snack Christmas Sweater – Shop


No longer a terrible gift that you receive from grandma every year, the ugly Christmas sweater is now a tongue-in-cheek category unto itself. Featuring garish designs and over-the-top Christmas scenes, ugly sweaters are a fun and warm way to celebrate the holidays. Choose from our huge selection of exclusive Christmas sweaters that you won’t find anywhere else!


We hope this Holiday Gift Guide helped you find something special and unique for a loved one this Christmas season. What will you be doing this holiday? Laying comotose on the couch, tummy full of hot cider and gingerbread? Hitting the cineplex with the family for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Serving soup at your local shelter? All great ideas! Remember the season is about loving, caring, and surprising others. Hopefully we've done our small part to help you in the pursuit of at least one of those goals.  Happy holidays!

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