Published on January 31, 2020

64 Pop Culture Collectibles for the Ultimate Geek [Gift Guide]

Pop Culture Collectibles at

Whether you're young or you're old, there's something special about collecting items from your favorite franchises. Collectibles are the perfect way to showcase your personality at home or at your office and also make for great conversation starters. So what brought you here? Maybe you're looking to start a new collection or maybe you're looking for pieces to add to your already established collection. Or maybe you're shopping for someone else? Whatever the reason, we've put together some of our most popular collectibles and grouped them into categories so you can find the perfect collectible for whatever your fandom.

Harry Potter Collectibles

Harry Potter Collectibles

LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus SetRon Weasley Figure5 Star Rubeus Hagrid FigureHarry Potter Wands Blindbox
Department 56 Hogwarts BuildingHarry Potter Q-FigureDumbledore Pop FigureHarry Potter Mystery Minis

If you haven't heard of Department 56 before, you're in for a treat. They're a Minnesota-based manufacturer (like us!) known for producing enchanting Christmas villages based on pop culture staples like Disney, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and more. Add a touch of wizardry to your home for the holidays with their unique version of Hogwarts.

Funko collectibles are another great way to decorate, especially if you have shelves that are in need of something to make them pop. Harry Potter wands are yet another piece of merchandise that are highly sought after in the Harry Potter collectibles realm. From Harry Potter to Newt Scamander, and many more, you can open one of 12 wands in the mystery, Harry Potter Die-Cast wands.

Star Wars Collectibles

Star Wars Collectibles

Rey Black Series Action FigureC-3PO Funko BobbleheadPoe Dameron X-Wing FighterStar Wars Luke Skywalker Helmet
Kylo Ren Force FX LightsaberHan Solo Carbonite StatueStar Wars Darth Vader Wall ArtCollectible Stormtrooper Helmet

Who remembers having lightsaber battles with those plastic, three-tiered telescoping sabers in your backyard? If you're looking to take your combat to the next level (and are willing to spend a little bit more), try out this FX Deluxe Kylo Ren Lightsaber. Equipped with lights and sounds, you can turn your living room into an exciting fight for the galaxy.

Take things a step further and cosplay some of your favorite characters with the Stormtrooper and Pilot replica helmets. Modeled after props seen in the films, these are some of the most movie authentic versions of these pieces available. We also have other pieces of galactic wall art/Star Wars figures for you to showcase throughout your home or office!

Marvel Collectibles

Marvel Collectibles

Marvel Legends Captain America ShieldMarvel Milestones Thanos StatueMarvel Legends Ant-Man HelmetIron Studios Killmonger Diorama
ArtFX Thor StatueMarvel Legends Thanos GauntletMarvel Gallery Deadpool StatueYoung Gamora POP! Vinyl

Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to feel the power of Thanos' infinity gauntlet in their own home? Well, now you can with this Infinity Gauntlet replica, modeled after the one seen in Avengers: Endgame. If you're looking for more replica items, we also have Captain America's shield and Ant-Man's helmet available!

If replicas aren't your thing, we have plenty of action figures and statues modeled after crowd favorites, including Deadpool, Black Panther, Thor, Thanos, and much more. Though we love the typical action figure style, we also love Funko's approach to figures with their POP! vinyl figures! As we mentioned previously, they go great on top of shelves, but also make great decoration pieces in the office as well.

Disney Collectibles

Disney Collectibles

Jim Shore Cruella de Vil StatueBeast Kingdom Mickey Mouse StatueGepetto and Pinocchio StatueCouture de Force Jasmine Statue
Frozen 2 Elsa 5 Star FigureBandai Cinema Woody KitDisney The Beast StatueRafiki and Baby Simba Statue

Disney collectibles are here to bring even more magic into your home. For some of us, these characters played a monumental role in shaping us to become the people we are today. It would only make sense that we pay tribute to our childhood heroes by putting them on display in our homes.

Jim Shore has a beautiful collection of hand-painted statues, recreating memorable scenes from some of the most iconic Disney classics. Funko is here to save the day with their 5 Star version of Elsa, perfect for anyone looking for a Disney vinyl collectible. You can also check out our other Disney collectibles, like Disney figurines, Disney watches, Disney villain collections, and more.

DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles

DC's One: Prince of CrimeWonder Woman Justice League Q-FigBatman BatarangsSuperman Action Comics #1 Statue
Birth of Joker Collectible StatueCW Gallery DC Supergirl FigureShazam Diorama FigureBatman Family Statue

While we all know that Marvel movies are usually always a box office hit, DC superheroes haven't always had the spotlight. Though lately, with films like, Shazam!, Wonder Woman: 1984, Joker, and Birds of Prey, they've been able to change their narrative and create award-winning DC Comics movies that continue to attract and build their already existing audience. Whether you're late to the game or you've been a long-standing fan, our DC statues are extremely detailed and are sure to add some flair to your home.

Horror Collectibles

Horror Memorabilia

Child's Play Pizza FacePOP! Movies: UsAlien Big Chap Action FigurePennywise Action Figure
The Conjuring Crooked Man FigureTrick-R-Treat Sam Action FigureHalloween Action FigureFreddy Krueger Q-Fig

It may seem obvious that there are collectibles for beloved franchises like Disney and Marvel but there's another category that we feel can't be left unseen: horror collectibles. That's right. Fans of ghouls, gore, and cold-hearted killers can get their fix on these one-of-a-kind pieces dedicated to the horror fanbase.

Here at, we carry horror action figures from modern-day classics such as Us and The Conjuring to the older, horror staples such as Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you don't see your favorite horror film listed, have no fear (no pun intended). Check out our entire collection of horror merch at

Anime Collectibles

Anime Merchandise

Naruto Shippuden Sasuke POP!Bakugou Katsuki FigureMoon Crystal Power Sailor MoonBandai Sailor Moon Proplica
Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball SetOne Punch Man Pop Up FigureBleach Rukia Viz Collection FigureOchaco Uraraka ArtFX Statue

Spend all your money on these anime collectibles and go broke. You can leave tomorrow's problems to tomorrow's you. Well, at least if you're One-Punch Man!

Here at, we want to make sure to cover almost all fandoms. Not only do we have Disney collectibles, horror collectibles, Harry Potter get the gist, we also have anime collectibles! If you're looking for anime figures and statues, we carry a selection for fans of My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Sailor Moon, and more.

Video Game Collectibles

Video Game Collectibles

The Witcher King Eredin FigureMario Odyssey Cosplay HatPOP! Games: Pikachu FigureOverwatch D.Va Figure
Fortnite Rainbow Smash PickaxePortal 2 Chell Action FigureLegend of Zelda Skyward Link FigureGod of War Kratos Action Figure

No game room is complete without a display case featuring video game collectibles. Paying tribute to a semi-old classic is the Chell action figure from Portal 2. We also carry video game merchandise for characters from God of War, The Witcher 3,  and other modern-day hits. Fortnite really took off in 2019 and we expect the trend to continue with its latest refresh for 2020.

Then add some color to your display with this premium Rainbow Smash Pickaxe prop replica. If Nintendo and Blizzard are more your style, we have many other geek gifts and collectibles to satisfy those player needs as well.

Those were just some of the many collectibles that we carry here at If you're looking for more, be sure to check out our entire collection of pop-culture collectibles. If you come across any collectibles on the site that you feel should have made the list, throw a link in the comments below. Along similar lines, if there's a collectible you've noticed we don't carry but think we should, let us know! Happy collecting!

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