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Published on April 22, 2022

Pop Culture Toys and Games [Gift Guide]

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When you're shopping for children's toys and games, do you often find yourself asking about movies or TV shows they like? Kids often have themed birthday parties where everyone is expected to bring cool toys and games from their latest obsession too. However, some adults love games and toys as well! Maybe you have a friend who collects expensive anime figures or Star Wars LEGO sets. Knowing a person's favorite pop culture niche can really help narrow down your search for the perfect gift. Allow us to show you some of our favorite pop culture toys and games for kids and adults! You might just find something for your next birthday party or holiday gift.


Godzilla Toys

Godzilla Toys and Games

S.H.Monsterarts Godzilla Action FigureGodzilla JengaHeat Ray Godzilla Funko Pop!Monopoly Godzilla: Monster Edition

Shop all Kids' Godzilla Toys

There are many reasons for someone to want some Godzilla toys and games. Maybe a person has been a fan for years, collecting every bit of Godzilla merchandise that they can find. It could be that your grandson just saw their first Godzilla movie, and they're hooked. You can find both collectible statues and action figures, along with other cool board games and toys for the king of the kaiju. (If you want our opinion, the Godzilla Jenga game has to be one of the best crossover game ideas ever!)


Transformers Toys

Transformers Toys and Games

Galvatron Action FigureChevy Camaro Bumblebee RC CarOptimus Prime Funko Pop!Transformers Monopoly Game

Shop all Kids' Transformers Toys

Cartoon shows like Transformers were often made to sell toys and action figures. Because the series expanded into an entire franchise, you can expect to find everything from highly collectible action figures to Funko Pop! vinyls and the infamous Monopoly game. (You know you're a big deal when you have a Monopoly game!) See what other Transformers toys and gifts we have to offer if you need even more Optimus Prime and Bumblebee merch.


Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Toys and Games

LEGO Minecraft: The Warped Forest SetGold Minecraft Sword Toy20 Pack Nano MetalFigs ToysMinecraft Creeper Figurine

Shop all Kids' Transformers Toys

Kids and adults love video games of all kinds, but it's hard to find a game with the same reach as Minecraft. Whether you're looking for Minecraft toys and games for your kids to play with when they're not online or your Twitch-streaming friend wants themed collectibles for their gamer setup, there are so many cool Minecraft gift ideas! There are many Minecraft LEGO sets that make it feel like you can build Minecraft worlds in real life, and how cool is it for a kid to have a pretend-play Minecraft sword? Even if you're just looking to treat yourself, Minecraft is always a great choice when selecting gifts.


WWE Toys

WWE Toys and Games

Dusty Rhodes Action FigureWWE Championship Belt ToyChyna Funko Pop!Monday Night Raw Superstar Ring

Shop all Kids' WWE Toys

If you have kids that love to watch WWE, you likely know the value of having toys and action figures so they can keep their shenanigans at a manageable level. (Those jackknife powerbombs are brutal in real life.) Having a WWE action figure is one thing, but why not give them a ring for their toys to wrestle in? Don't forget a championship belt for the winner! These WWE toys are so awesome that your kids might take them along to watch the latest match.


Fortnite Toys

Fortnite Toys and Games

Fortnite Nerf BlasterEternal Voyager Funko Pop!Fortnite Water BlasterFortnite Rocket Launcher Super Soaker

Shop all Kids' Fortnite Toys

When you think about toys, indoor toys often come to mind. However, don't forget about cool outdoor toys like super soakers and Nerf guns! Little gamers will have a blast with these Fortnite water toys and Nerf guns, although we can't blame adults for wanting them. (Who doesn't have the occasional office Nerf fight, after all?) Don't be shy, and take a peek at other amazing Fortnite gift ideas for gamers.


Barbie Toys

Barbie Toys and Games

Chelsea Can Be Snack Stand PlaysetBarbie Dream Camper Pop-Up TentCreatable World Customizable DollBarbie Uno Card Game

Shop all Kids' Barbie Toys

The classic Barbie doll is so much more than just a child's doll! We love all of the various Chelsea and Barbie playsets and toys that allow kids to pretend in various situations. Barbie branding has gone far beyond just a doll, including several games and home décor. However, don't let Barbie's adventures stop there! It's always great to get different clothes and items for your child's favorite dolls or even a set that allows kids to create their own. After all, one of the best parts about owning Barbie dolls is playing dress-up!


PJ Masks Toys

PJ Masks Toys and Games

PJ Masks Battle Hero PlaysetCatboy HeadphonesPJ Masks Combiner Jet SetCatboy RC Car

Shop all Kids' PJ Masks Toys

Kids love action figures, dolls and playsets, but kid-friendly electronics are tons of fun too! We love these Catboy headphones with cat ears on the headband, and let's not forget about remote-controlled cars. Your kids will love taking Catboy out for a spin! There are plenty of other PJ Masks toys and games to discover. These PJ Masks playsets for toddlers and young children are rated for kids ages three and up, so it can be time to be a hero day or night!


Batman Toys

Batman Toys and Games

Pop! Plush Batman Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile and Figure1000 PC Batman PuzzleLEGO Batman: Batcave

Shop all Kids' Batman Toys

Why wouldn't the superhero with all the toys also be all the toys? Sure, you may not be able to buy bat shark repellent, but this adorable Batman plush is obviously superior. Take the Batmobile for a spin, defeat the Riddler in the Batcave or swoop in to save the day—it's impossible to be bored when Batman is your buddy. Batman surely never runs out of cool gadgets, so check out these other Batman toys and games to chase the boredom away.


Naruto Toys

Naruto Toys and Games

Gaara Action FigureNaruto Ramen PuzzleNaruto x Hello Kitty Kakashi PlushNaruto Monopoly

Shop all Kids' Naruto Toys

Anime shows like Naruto are filled to the brim with action, so it's only natural that you can easily find Naruto action figures and plush toys to take on your next adventure! Defeat the Akatsuki organization, or learn some new moves with Kakashi. Of course, you can always take some time to relax with Naruto puzzles and games too. You could even save and frame the puzzle once it's complete for some awesome wall art. Believe it!


Sonic the Hedgehog Toys

Sonic the Hedgehog Toys and Games

Sonic PlushShadow RC CarTails PlushSonic & Tails Slot Car Set

Shop all Kids' Sonic the Hedgehog Toys

Sonic the Hedgehog is well-known for his speed, so it's only natural that you'll find some RC cars and race track toys. Kids will love racing around with their favorite characters, and maybe you could even turn it into a fun little competition! Sonic and his pals are also cute and cuddly, making them excellent plush toys. You gotta go fast if you want to capture all these Sonic the Hedgehog toys!


Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Toys and Games

Mandalorian Razor Crest Paper Model KitAhsoka Lightsaber ToyLEGO Boba Fett HelmetDeath Star Ball Bearing Maze Toy

Shop all Kids' Star Wars Toys

When you think about Star Wars toys, lightsabers are likely one of the first things that come to mind. However, the franchise is so big that you can find practically any toy or Star Wars-themed game that you'd like! Take the time to exercise your mind with LEGO Star Wars sets and model kits. Or, see if you can defeat the Death Star with a ball-bearing maze toy! The galaxy is within your grasp with these Star Wars games and toys.


SpongeBob Toys

SpongeBob Toys and Games

Krabby Patty RC CarSpot It! SpongeBob EditionPatrick PlushSpongebob Drum Set Toy

Shop all Kids' SpongeBob Toys

Let the bright and colorful world of SpongeBob SquarePants come to life with these fun SpongeBob toys and games! Kids will love racing around Bikini Bottom with a Krabby Patty RC car, and how huggable is this Patrick Star plush? There are quite a few themed games, from Monopoly to trivia, but SpongeBob Spot It! is easily the most versatile for families with younger children. Also, don't be surprised if your kid asks for you to sing "Sweet Victory" while they accompany you on the SpongeBob drum set.


King Kong Toys

King Kong Toys and Games

King Kong Action FigureKing Kong Plush11" King Kong Action Figure7" Skull Island King Kong Action Figure

Shop all Kids' King Kong Toys

Would it be fair to mention Godzilla without King Kong? Surely not! King Kong has had plenty of solo movies, but he has also tangled with Godzilla on the silver screen. They're like two peas in a pod, bananas on your peanut butter sandwich—so naturally, you'll want some King Kong action figures to pose with the king of the monsters. Whether you're buying for an adult collector or a budding young monster fan, we have King Kong toys perfect for any budget.


Jurassic Park Toys

Jurassic Park Toys and Games

Dr. Ian Malcolm Action FigureJurassic Park Rubik's CubeJurassic Park Dice and Case SetJurassic Park Monopoly

Shop all Kids' Jurassic Park Toys

Welcome to Jurassic Park! If your niece and nephew love dinosaur toys, or perhaps you're a fan of Jeff Goldblum, these are the movie toys for you. Kids of all ages will love a number of Jurassic Park dinosaur toys and figures, and who could resist a themed Rubik's cube to solve? There are many other Jurassic Park games and toys, including a cool dice set with a tin carrying case and the Monopoly game of your dreams. (Just try not to fight over who gets to play as the t-rex!)


Five Nights at Freddy's Toys

Five Nights at Freddy's Toys and Games

High Score ChicaChocolate Bonnie Action FigureVanny Action FigureDreadbear Plush

Shop all Kids' Five Nights at Freddy's Toys

It's only natural that a video game would have some action figures to go along with it, right? You'll certainly be thankful at the miniature scale for these Five Nights at Freddy's action figures. (Any bigger and we'd be in trouble!) While there are tons of action figure FNAF toys, we love the idea of a cuddly Dreadbear plush. This is one teddy bear that's not quite like the others!


Ghostbusters Toys

Ghostbusters Toys and Games

Ecto-1 Toy CarPlaymobil Stay Puft Marshmallow Man SetGozer Action FigureGhostbusters: Blackout Game

Shop all Kids' Ghostbusters Toys

Toys from movies and TV series are tons of fun, as it gives kids the opportunity to join their favorite heroes to save the day! Who wouldn't want to be a Ghostbuster for a little while? Take the Ecto-1 for a spin, or cross the streams to defeat Gozer. We love these Ghostbusters toys, but don't overlook fabulous Ghostbusters games! Try out the Ghostbusters: Blackout game if they want to feel like they're capturing ghosts for real. This cooperative board game needs everyone to work together to save New York from a ghost outbreak!



LEGO Toys and Games

LEGO Classic Brick BoxLEGO Architecture New York CityLEGO Gadgets Activity KitLEGO Gear Bots Activity Kit

Shop all Kids' LEGO Toys

You have probably noticed a few LEGO toys mentioned already, but there's more to LEGO than our favorite pop culture sets. Creative kids love large tubs of LEGO pieces for imaginative play, and there are even a few LEGO STEM kits that allow kids to create simple machines. We also love some of the more unusual LEGO sets, including city skylines, NASA expeditions, and even a world map!


Harry Potter Toys

Harry Potter Toys and Games

Harry Potter Nano MetalFigs Set3000 PC Hogwarts PuzzleLionel Hogwarts Express Model TrainHarry Potter Talisman Game

Shop all Kids' Harry Potter Toys

Take the magic of Hogwarts home with you when you get one of these Harry Potter toys and games! Ride on the Hogwarts Express, or set up one of your favorite movie scenes with miniature figures. Older kids will also love the challenge of a new puzzle or game to play with. There are so many Harry Potter gift ideas that you can learn about some of our other favorite Harry Potter toys.


Marvel Toys

Marvel Toys and Games

LEGO Spider-man Webquarters Hangout SetThe Thing Action FigureShang Chi Battle FX Bo Staff ToyCaptain America RC Vehicle

Shop all Kids' Marvel Toys

After watching their favorite superhero movies, it may energize kids and make them want to get out there and save the day! Channel your child's imagination with these awesome Marvel toys and games. Have your own training montage with Shang-Chi, or join in with the members of the Spider-Verse. We're sure your grandkids, children, or friends will love these and other Marvel gift ideas for kids. (Or adults!) We know there are some adult action figure collectors out there!


Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Toys and Games

Aisha vs. Scorpina Action Figure SetChampion Zord Action FigureXeo-Stronger Than Before GameEye Guy Action Figure

Shop all Power Rangers Kids' Toys

It only makes sense that our favorite action heroes would have their own action figures! Whether you love the Mighty Morphin' squad or Dino Fury, it helps to know what you're looking for so you can find the best Power Rangers toys for birthdays and Christmas presents. (Or any other gift-giving events and holidays!) The Power Rangers have an entire rainbow of characters to collect.


Disney Toys

Disney Toys and Games

Mirabel Fashion DollLittle People Elsa's Ice PalaceTurning Red Mei Pop! PlushDisney Haunted Mansion Game

Shop all Kids' Disney Toys

Disney is loved by so many that it should be no surprise to anyone that you may be asked to buy some Disney games or toys for the holidays. There is also an incredible amount of variety, from playsets and plush to board games and dolls. Disney, Pixar, Disney Parks—you get the idea! With so many Disney movies and shows to choose from, you're going to want to make sure you know your stuff. Of course, if you like watching Disney movies with your kids, you'll likely have a pretty good idea about what to get!


Anime Toys

Anime Toys and Games

Alphonse PlushBakugan Pro Armored Elite Starter SetEin Plush

Shop all Kids' Anime Toys

There are so many good anime series that it can be hard to pick just one! Maybe you only want to look at anime action figures? Perhaps some anime plush toys? Check out these and other cool anime toys and games! It doesn't matter if you're into collecting or getting something fun for the kids because the love for anime is widespread. Maybe you're even looking to pick up a gift for yourself?


Trolls Toys

Trolls Toys and Games

Trolls World Tour Karaoke Machine and MicrophoneLEGO Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats SetPoppy Singing DollPoppy Desk Chair with Storage Bin

Shop all Kids' Trolls Toys

We love toys that encourage kids to pursue their passions. Arts and crafts kits, STEM kits, kids' instruments, and even karaoke machines! If you have a little singer in your house, there's a good chance that the Trolls movies hit all the right notes. Why not get them a few musical Trolls toys to sing and dance with? Even if your child isn't musically inclined, there are plenty of other great gift ideas, including LEGO kits and a craft activity chair.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys and Games

Turtle Power Card GameReAction Sewer Surfer Michelangelo Action FigureTMNT Rubik's CubeReAction Raphael Action Figure

Shop all Kids' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys

We hope you're having a pizza party at your next celebration, because these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys and games could probably go for a slice. Kick back with a surfing Michelangelo action figure, or save the day with a TMNT card game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been saving the day for decades, so we can't blame anyone for wanting to collect the TMNT ReAction action figures at any age! Cowabunga!


Hello Kitty Toys

Hello Kitty Toys and Games

Kids' Helly Kitty HeadphonesHello Kitty Popcorn PlaysetMy Melody Doll SetHello Kitty Tea Party Set

Shop all Kids' Hello Kitty Toys

Check out the most adorable toys in town! Hello Kitty curated a culture of cuteness, which pairs so well with kids' toys. We love this pair of Helly Kitty headphones with cat ears and her signature bow, and what child could say no to a My Melody doll? Of course, if we have you hooked, take a peek at our other Hello Kitty toys and games. Expect lots of pink, white and red!


Avatar: The Last Airbender Toys

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toys and Games

Momo and Aang Action FigurePlush KataraPrince Zuko Action FigureAppa Plush

Shop all Kids' Avatar: The Last Airbender Toys

Nothing says action and adventure like Avatar: The Last Airbender! While your kids may never get the hang of water bending or air bending, these Avatar: The Last Airbender toys are great alternatives. Appa always looks so warm and fluffy, and kids will love having their own Appa plush to hug. You can also discover several other plush toys and even action figures! Kids will love recreating their favorite ATLA scenes in toy form.


Nintendo Toys

Nintendo Toys and Games

1000 PC Animal Crossing PuzzleSuper Mario Figure Set1000 PC Breath of the Wild PuzzleLink Plush

Shop all Kids' Nintendo Toys

Nintendo games are often loved for their kid-friendly content, so it's only natural that you can find Nintendo toys and games for kids. We love these colorful Nintendo puzzles, and at 1000 pieces, they're a good challenge for the entire family. However, don't forget other favorites, such as children's toy figures and plushies. Of course, we won't argue if a Nintendo collector wants to snag a few of these too.


Star Trek Toys

Star Trek Toys and Games

Playmobil USS. Enterprise PlaysetDate ReAction Action FigureStar Trek PuzzleStar Trek Fluxx Game

Shop all Kids' Star Trek Toys

Are your kids Star Wars or Star Trek fans? Maybe they're even both? While adults have their sci-fi debates, there are still Star Trek toys and games for kids to enjoy. Children can take the USS. Enterprise for a spin, or play with their favorite crew member action figures. Don't forget the games and puzzles! These Star Trek toys will boldly take playtime where it has never gone before.


Care Bears Toys

Care Bears Toys and Games

Care Bears Cloud RockerFunshine Bear Plush1000 PC Care Bears PuzzleCare Bears Spot It! Game

Shop all Kids' Care Bears Toys

Some of us really loved our Care Bears toys, and we're sure that your child, cousin or friend would love one of these Care Bears games and toys too! They still make Care Bears plush toys, granted in a more modern style. (We still remember some of our first plushes too!) If the toys aren't cute enough, how adorable is this Care Bears cloud rocker? Of course, there are also puzzles and games so your child can play with the Care Bears all day!


Back to the Future Toys

Back to the Future Toys and Games

Playmobil DeLorean PlaysetMarty McFly PlushReAction Marty McFly Action FigureTransformers Mash-Up DeLorean Gigawatt

Shop all Kids' Back to the Future Toys

Some toys ride the line well between collectibles and items meant for kids. While some may feel like Back to the Future is a weird movie for kids these days to know, you can find incredible Playmobil sets, action figures and even plush! It doesn't matter whether you're buying gifts for a collector or a kid that loves 80s movies—these Back to the Future toys are so cool! If you'll excuse us, we will see if we can achieve time travel on a miniature scale.


Sports Toys

Sports Toys and Games

Playmobil NHL Shootout SetBarbie Meditation DollFranklin FootballDuplo Race Car Set

Shop all Kids' Sports Toys

We love it when kids get hooked on sports as i's a great family activity for everyone to enjoy! Help foster your child's love for the game with these sports toys and gifts. Playing catch with a ball is always a great activity, but there's so much more than that! We love these sports dolls, playsets and cars that encourage kids to play! Go, team!


Doctor Who Toys

Doctor Who Toys and Games

Keys to the TARDIS Board GameDoctor Who Postcards PuzzleDoctor Who Fluxx GameDoctor Who Doctors Puzzle

Shop all Kids' Doctor Who Toys

Do you have a favorite Doctor? Doctor Who has been a pop culture sensation for decades, and with more than a dozen Doctors, there's certainly a lot of material for fun games and puzzles! Learn to play a new game with Keys to the TARDIS, or enjoy a "doctored" version of Fluxx. If you want to slow down the pace and just enjoy the experience, why not assemble a Doctor Who puzzle or two? We love seeing all of the Doctors in one place, but don't overlook this puzzle with postcards from past adventures. (Or future adventures? It's all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey and stuff.)


Dungeons and Dragons Toys

Dungeons and Dragons Toys and Games

Nano MetalFigs D&D SetVox Machina Critical Role PuzzleDungeons & Dragons Adventure GridDungeon Mayhem: Monster Madness Card Game

Shop all Kids' Dungeons & Dragons Toys

As a viral role-playing game, naturally, one would expect there to be some accompanying D&D toys, games, and collectibles. (And you'd be right!) One can usually expect to see D&D mini-figures and other game accessories, but there are quite a few related board games, and don't forget Critical Role goodies! We're sure that anyone that loves Dungeons & Dragons will appreciate some D&D gifts.


DC Comics Toys

DC Comics Toys and Games

Devastator vs. Superman Action Figure SetDC Comics Nano MetalFigs SetPop! Plush Wonder WomanLEGO Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah

Shop all Kids' DC Comics Toys

We already talked about Batman, but there's more to DC Comics than the caped crusader! Fan favorites like Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Superman have entertained readers for decades, along with countless other characters! Whether you're shopping for a big or little DC enthusiast, we have a range of DC Comics games and toys for people of all ages. Action figures are great for kids or for collecting, along with plush and LEGO. Even these fantastic little metal figurines make an excellent gift for a DC comics fan.


He-Man Toys

He-Man Toys and Games

Castle Grayskull PlaysetMOTU Revelations Skeletor Action FigureToy He-Man SwordRetro Sorceress Action Figure

Shop all Kids' He-Man Toys

Do you have the power? (You might if you get a toy He-Man sword!) Kids will love defending Castle Grayskull from the likes of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, and you can always add even more Masters of the Universe action figures for more adventure. Of course, if you need to snag a few of these He-Man toys for your own collection, we understand how you feel!


Scooby-Doo Toys

Scooby-Doo Toys and Games

Playmobil Mystery Machine SetScooby-Doo Clue GamePlaymobil Snow Ghost AdventureScooby-Doo Puzzle

Shop all Kids' Scooby-Doo Toys

There's a mystery in town, so call the coolest pup around! Scooby-Doo has been on TV for generations, so you shouldn't be too surprised if your grandchild, cousin or friend wants some Scooby-Doo gifts. Playmobil makes a bunch of fun Scooby-Doo toys, but don't overlook puzzles and board games! After all, they will need some brain games to keep those sleuthing skills top-notch like Velma.


G.I. Joe Toys

G.I. Joe Toys and Games

Snake Eyes Action FigureSnake Eyes Toy SaisStorm Shadow Action FigureG.I. Joe Deck Building Game

Shop all G.I. Joe Toys

Do you know a child that loves playing with action figures? G.I. Joe kicked off the action figure industry, and these toys are still being made today! (Granted, a lot has changed since the first characters in 1964.) Get ready for tons of action and adventure with these G. I. Joe toys and games! Play with cool action figures, or take imaginative play to a new level with sai-swinging action that will make kids feel ready to take on Cobra.


Fast and the Furious Toys

Fast and the Furious Toys and Games

Fast & Furious Highway Heist Game4x4 Dodge Charger RC VehicleIon Thresher Vehicle and Figure SetDodge Charger & Police Car RC Car Set

Shop all Kids' Fast & Furious Toys

Toy cars like Hotwheels have always been popular with kids and collectors, but we're adding a pop culture spin with Fast and the Furious toys and games. After so many movies, there's a plethora of cool cars to collect. Find cool model cars, or even take some of your favorites out for a spin as RC cars. We love that there's even a set with two cars so kids and adults can play together and have their own car chase!


We hope you had fun looking at some of our favorite pop-culture-themed toys and games. Did you have any favorites? Are you a fan of movie and TV LEGO sets? What about collectible action figures? Even themed board games can be tons of fun. If you're hungry for even more, don't forget to check out all of the cool toys and games available on FUN.com!

Wyatt Edwards
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