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Published on July 31, 2019

These Harry Potter Toys Are Your Ticket to the Hogwarts Express

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Get ready to dive deep into the magical world of Hogwarts, full of spells and creatures at every turn! Learn how to face your fears and make new friends, all while driving floating cars and perfecting your Quidditch game. If you’re still waiting upon the arrival of your acceptance letter and know you won’t be casting spells or defeating the Dark Lord anytime soon, you can channel your inner-wizard through our wide selection of Harry Potter toys! Whether you’re into games, puzzles, or everything in between, you’ll find something perfect. But don’t worry, you’ll get that letter before you can say “expelliarmus!”


Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands

Spellbinding Harry Potter WandTina Goldstein WandDumbledore WandRon Weasley Wand
Spellbinding Hermione WandNewt Scamander WandLight-Up Voldemort WandLight-Up Severus Snape Wand

Now, no magic is possible without a powerful wand! Practice your spells and impress your friends with a wand that perfectly suits your style. Maybe you consider yourself a hero and need Harry Potter’s wand to save the day. If you want to take your spells even further, you could buy the spellbinding Hermione wand too! If you like to stand out, then the Dumbledore wand will give you enough confidence to guide every spell. For the dark ones out there, we’ve saved the deadliest wand ever created! Use your Voldemort wand wisely and (hopefully) for good.


Harry Potter LEGO Sets

Harry Potter Lego Sets

LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus SetLEGO Harry Potter Whomping Willow SetLEGO Harry Potter Transfiguration SetLEGO Harry Potter Potion Class Set
LEGO Harry Potter Herbology Class SetLEGO Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village SetLEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut SetLEGO Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Set

Kids love to play pretend, but sometimes it's much more fun when you're able to use your toys to set an entire scene! If your little storyteller is ready to write a new chapter about potions class or wants to take the knight bus for a spin, we think that they'd fall in love with these LEGO Harry Potter sets. However, adult LEGO collectors may also enjoy these LEGO sets too! Collect them all, and you can create an entirely magical, miniature Harry Potter world.


Harry Potter Party Games

Harry Potter Games

Harry Potter Pictionary AirHarry Potter CodenamesHarry Potter Funkoverse Board GameHarry Potter Ludo
The Ultimate Harry Potter Movie Quiz GameHarry Potter MunchkinHarry Potter JengaHarry Potter Uno Game

Is there anything better than kicking back and relaxing with a Harry Potter board game and a butterbeer in hand? For all the game lovers and competitors, for all the sore losers (and winners), this one’s for you! If you feel like some cooperative butt-kicking and fighting off evil forces, try the Harry Potter Codenames game. If you want to practice your wand-drawing skills, check out Harry Potter Pictionary Air! There’s a game for everyone, and if you’re feeling like a simple night of friendly competition, UNO never fails.


Harry Potter Dolls

Harry Potter Dolls

Luna Lovegood DollHarry Potter DollSeverus Snape DollHarry Potter 9 3/4 Platform Playset

We all know that Harry Potter dolls are the perfect way to act out your favorite wizard universe! Show off your wisdom and sass with the Luna Lovegood doll, or your kindness with Harry Potter. Do you consider yourself smart enough to be a professor at Hogwarts? Then take Severus Snape out for a spin, but don't forget to keep a sharp eye on your class!  You can buy these Harry Potter gifts online right here at FUN.com!


Harry Potter Puzzles

Harry Potter Puzzles

Wrebbit 3D Hogwarts Express Puzzle1000 PC Hogwarts Great Hall Puzzle300 PC Daytime Hogwarts Lenticular Puzzle550 PC Hogwarts Castle Puzzle
300 PC Ford Anglia Lenticular PuzzleWrebbit 3D Hogwarts Clock Tower Puzzle1000 PC Harry Potter Book Cover Collage Puzzle1000 PC Harry Potter Movie Posters Puzzle

While some of us wish we could take the easier route and cast an "accio" spell to magically put our puzzles together in a snap, others were born with the power to effortlessly put these complex creations in place…for fun? Without the need to use magic? The idea is still beyond us, but for those blessed with the power of endless patience, we have the best selection of Harry Potter puzzles fit for a clever wizard! If you’re a fan of the old-fashioned 2D puzzles, try putting together the Great Hall or the Hogwarts Castle! Create the famous Hogwarts Express with the Wrebbit 3D Puzzle, or try building your own Hogwarts clock tower. Once you finish, you'll be so proud of your finished creation!


Harry Potter Plush Toys

Harry Potter Plush Toys

17" Giant Stuffed Niffler4" Funko Pop! Plush Hedwig4" Harry Potter Funko Pop! Plush8" Niffler Plush

These Harry Potter stuffed animals are so cute! Who wouldn't love their very own niffler, or perhaps Harry's Hedwig as a stuffed owl? Kids always appreciate a good stuffed animal, but we won't blame you if you feel like you need to hug one while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. (Ok, we cried a lot too.) Still, it's not like you really need an excuse to have one of these adorable plush Harry Potter toys.


Harry Potter Playsets

Harry Potter Toy Sets

Nano Scene Gryffindor Tower PlaysetOllivander's Wand Shop PlaysetGryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch Set

Some kids don't like all the setup and assembly, and would rather just hop right into playing with their Harry Potter toys! These Harry Potter playsets require less set-up before you can get down to playing, and they have figures and pieces to match. Help Harry navigate his way around Gryffindor tower, or help him pick out a wand at Ollivander's wand shop. These Harry Potter playsets are sure to please!


So what are you going to do with your new gifts? Will you create a wizarding world of your own with the Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood dolls, or will you put your brain to work with our challenging puzzles and games? All of these Harry Potter toys (and more) are available to order online at FUN.com! Whatever adventures you chose, make sure you invite all your wizard friends for an even better time—even if you don’t want to share your brand new wand.

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