Published on November 7, 2018

Help! I Don't Know What to Get My Husband for Christmas! [Gift Guide]

Help! I Don't Know What to Get My Husband for Christmas!

It's already that time of the year again, holiday shopping season. Though your husband is probably the person in your life that you know the best, they can sometimes be the hardest to shop for. Depending on how long you've been together, you've probably gotten him a lot of things he's wanted, as well as used up all of your creative gift ideas. And that's why you're here, right? You searched through multiple gift guides, not quite finding the best gifts for men near you. Well, you've come to the right place because we've compiled a gift guide for him featuring tons of items that have not been in the majority of this year's gift guides. Keep on reading to find the perfect gift for your man. Who knows? You might find one for yourself too!

Practical Gifts for Your Husband

Practical Gifts for Your Husband Gift Guide

BBQ Apron GuideInsulated Brown Paper Bag

We're going to kick off this Christmas gift guide with some gifts for guys that are more on the practical side. These aren't necessarily things he needs right this second, but things your husband might not realize he needs until it's too late. When's the last time he asked you to use his umbrella? Probably the last time it rained. We know you love him, but it's time to stop pity-sharing that umbrella. Plus, this umbrella is color changing. All the more reason for him to take his own over yours. Does your man barbecue a lot? Is he always getting stains on his shirt from sauce/meat juices falling onto his shirt (sorry to trigger you)? Get him this BBQ apron that not only works as a useful apron but also gives him tips and tricks to barbecuing like optimal meat temperatures, as well as official BBQ terminology. Now, we're sure you share an oven mitt, but we're sure he'll have fun with the tattoo sleeve oven mitt. He'll officially feel like a BA when taking out your delicious food from the oven. Lastly, does he go out to eat for lunch frequently (a.k.a. a couple of days every week)?! Motivate him to make his own meals and get this insulated brown paper bag. All of his work friends will be mad jealous when they realize the brown paper bag is an insulated cooler full of home-cooked meals.

Expensive Gifts for Your Husband

Expensive Gifts for Husband Gift Guide

Supreme Edition Iron Man Suit

What says, “I love you” more than an $899.99 Iron Man suit replica? If you have a little more to spend this year or if you’re just in the giving spirit, these are some of the best Christmas gifts you can get your man this holiday. Bookworm? You can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter books, especially this collector’s box set. Do you two live for Game of Thrones premieres each week? How about a collectible Stark Infantry Shield to display in his man cave? Lastly, we’re all kids at heart, so why not give him the experience of being a child again and buy your man a lifesize R/C BB-8 replica? You can even address it from Santa, and we’re sure his elves are working up a storm over at the North Pole trying to get enough of these made for the season. 

Cheap Gifts for Your Husband

Cheap Gifts for Husband Gift Guide

While these gifts are technically “cheap” they aren’t cheaply made. We’ll call them inexpensive! They also make great stocking stuffers. (Obviously, not the cardboard cutout, but you catch our drift.) All of these gifts are $9.99 and under, so if you’re trying to keep it more modest this holiday, these Christmas gifts for him will do the trick. Who doesn’t love Deadpool? He’s even cuter when he only costs $3.99. Pair this with some Groot socks and you’ve got yourself an adorkable nerd. If he can’t get enough keychains, remind him that winter is coming and buy a Jon Snow keychain. And last, but not least, a $2.99 Han Solo cardboard cutout is the perfect way to wake up on Christmas morning. Before he wakes up, lodge the cutout in front of the bedroom door for both a hilarious prank, as well as a fun Christmas gift from far far away.

Nerdy Gifts for Your Husband

Geeky Gifts for Your Husband Gift Guide

Legend of Zelda Umbrella

Nerdy husbands are just adorkable. Rather than watching the Super Bowl, they're hunkered down in their mancave watching an esports tournament with Dorito-stained-fingers and a lukewarm 2-liter of Mountain Dew by their side. Fuel their gaming passion with some of these wonderfully tied-in Christmas gifts for gamers. You can keep his ears and his body warm while letting him still rep his favorite games if you buy the Overwatch pom beanie and the Pokemon track jacket at Or you can keep him dry from the rain with the Tri-Force Zelda Umbrella. It's not just any umbrella. It looks like a legit sword/sword carrier. He'll be checking the weather every hour hoping for it to rain, so he can put it to use! Lastly, keep his stomach full and get the Fallout official cookbook. From Yum Yum Deviled Eggs to Brahmin and Roast Vegetable Soup, his mouth will water over these recipes straight from the vault.

Funny Gifts for Your Husband

Funny Gifts for Husband Gift Guide

Pickle Rick PlushThanos Bobblehead Figure

The holidays are also an excellent time for getting each other silly gifts for Christmas. What’s the fun in keeping everything luxurious and romantic? Though it may not be on his list, we know he’ll love opening a neatly wrapped Bob Ross coloring book on Christmas morning. And a bubble wrap onesie? We can already envision your video of him rolling around on Christmas morning going viral. If he's in need of some extra decorations to make his desk a bit more exciting, gift him this Thanos bobblehead figure. Lastly, how could he not want a Pickle Rick plush? He can cuddle with it, play catch with it, watch Rick and Morty with it, and let all his stress out by attacking the wall with it.

So what's it going to be this year? A Bob Ross coloring book to get his creative juices flowing? Or a life-size R/C BB-8 to give him back that nostalgic feeling of opening a toy on Christmas day? If you didn't find what you're looking for, check out our gifts for men to find plenty of husband-worthy gifts! Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!

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