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Babies are, simply put, stinking adorable! They charm the snot right out of friends, extended family, and especially their parents. But, they’re also masters of mess. Help keep the milk spills and mushed peas splatter cleanup to a minimum with a bib from our selection! Featuring everything from familiar video game characters to some of your favorite Disney stars there’s a cute baby bib for your little rascal available here!
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Products 1 - 14 of 14

When it comes to meal time for babies, the truth is, there will be some sort of spill or spit-up to mop up afterwards. It’s nothing to fret about, but when you’ve dressed your little one in an adorable new outfit, chances are you’d love to keep them in it for more than that first bottle. The good news is, baby bibs have been around for a long time and they’re a simple way to keep that onesie, dress, or tiny t-shirt looking nice for a few hours at least! And when you shop our selection of bibs you’ll find styles that suit your sweetie’s developing interests (or the ones you’d love them to adopt…)

Keeping the front of your baby or toddler’s shirt dry is the primary use for that adorable bib you’re hooking under their chin, but what could be better than a bib that pulls double-duty! All of the bibs in our selection feature a pocket for catching crumbs and full mouthfuls and preventing major lap cleanups. Grab a bib that covers just your little one’s chest from stains or pick out a bib designed to protect their entire torso with its t-shirt shape. Either way, our bibs are here to help keep feeding time more about the delicious pureed meal they’re trying and less about the potential mess.

But you know how bibs work! You’re here because you want funny baby bibs and bibs that show your cutie what kind of fun they have to look forward to experiencing as they grow up!

From Simba to Pooh bear we have Disney bibs for your baby girl or boy that are as cute as they are practical. Invite Mickey and Minnie to lunch or introduce your tot to their first taste of honey while you explain all the adventures they could have in the Hundred Acre Wood!

Take a break from your Nintendo 64 and let your little one have some fun with Mario and Luigi while they give new fruits a try! Or see if they’re ready to rescue Zelda as the ever-charming Link in a bid that’s both his signature outfit and a shield-shaped cape!

Introduce your cutie to Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman with a DC Comics bib that’s sure to be the real hero when you give your teething tike their first plate of spaghetti!

Whether you’re shopping for a friend’s baby shower or in need of a new bib for your dwindling collection, our selection is sure to please! Choose from baby girl bibs covered in Minnie and her classic pink bow and boy bibs that look as tough as the stains you’re trying to prevent, but don’t forget to stop back to see what exciting new options we continue to add!