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The trick to making sure your house becomes a cozy home? Soften it up with blankets and other living goods. A bare couch is just a couch until you throw down bright and sparkly narwhal pillows or a woven gold and maroon tapestry onto it. This stuff entices guests and family alike to curl up and stay awhile. Staying a while is the whole idea behind the living room, right?
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Products 1 - 60 of 238

You know what a blanket is, but what exactly does "& living" entail? Good question! You'll find all sorts of goodies in this lovely category. From handy household items like lamps, blankets, and even speakers to seasonal items like tree ornaments and beach towels.

You might be searching for the perfect Batman-themed home goods for yourself. Or maybe you're looking for the perfect pieces to give to your daughter for her first apartment. Or your little nephew is taking his first flight and you want to get him some bravery headphones. After all, studies show that getting distracted from scary turbulence is easier when you've got Incredibles headphones! You never know what you'll find at but there's one thing for certain, you'll come across the perfect item sooner rather than later!

Did you have a special blankie when you were little? Maybe you don't remember when you got it but we bet you know what made it special. You probably remember the pattern and even the texture. And there's something that's still special about gifting blankets to the people around you. Not only are you giving them something pretty or interesting, but you're also making sure they still warm and comfortable. They'll think of your thoughtful gift whenever they're feeling chilly.  

Along with the pillows, you've got to get the bedding as well. We have comforters with every theme from Dallas Cowboys to Mickey Mouse. You can get a themed bed, sheets, throws, and comforters to make sure you and the family stay warm, no matter the weather.

Are you looking for the perfect throws for that regular Sunday movie marathon in your living room? Get cozy with Black Panther, Star Wars, and superhero throws. Want to compliment the blankets with pillows? Do it! We love all our pillows from the sequin narwhal to the fashionable cactus pillow. You could even put together a couch full of Harry Potter themed pillows with all four Hogwarts houses and a Deathly Hallows pillow. That would make any couch pop in a super cozy way! Kids love having pillow pets around to prop them up as they read on the floor while older folks will get a kick out of our log pillow that props up their back just right. There's a pillow for everyone cause everyone likes to get cozy. 

And let's not forget what makes living sweet... the little things! Make your holiday season unique to you. Your little one will love hanging their very own Paw Patrol ornaments. Give your folks Santa ornaments to thank them for the decades of wrapping and on point gift giving even when you weren't on the nice list. From donuts to Game of Thrones ornaments, we have everything you need for your Christmas tree. Even the tree! 

As you have probably noticed, this bedding and living section includes everything you need for... well, living! You have plenty of ideas for special occasions but what about every day? Make bedtime, lounging in the living room, and even car rides special with all these lovely home goods and essentials!