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Keep playtime full of possibility with Barbie Toys! From fashionista to astronaut Barbie opens a world of opportunity for every child’s imagination. When you shop our selection of Barbies you’ll find the doll that suits your kiddo best, whether they want to create their very own Barbie or start with a Barbie playset. Or, expand your own Barbie collection with a couple dolls from Mattel’s Inspiring Women line!
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Barbie Fantasy Hair Brunette Doll
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Barbie Florist Doll and Playset
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Puppy Bathtime Barbie
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Barbie Kitty Condo
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

There are just certain toys that can stand the test of time. Whether it’s due to their simplicity or versatility, favorites that your parents loved may be the exact same toys that you and your children enjoy to this day, especially in the case of Barbie and all her friends!

Combining both the simple nature of a doll and the vast variety of life makes Barbie dolls some of the most exciting toys for children and adults! When Barbie hit the scene, she was a teen fashionista and over time found herself filling countless roles for admirers. From being just a fashion doll to inspiring children to follow their own dreams to be athletes, doctors, mothers, entrepreneurs, artists, and everything imaginable, Barbie made a name for herself in nearly every household. And she isn’t going anywhere soon!

Whether you’re introducing the magic of Barbie to another generation or indulging in a bit of nostalgia for yourself, our selection of Barbie dolls is a great place to find something new or even something inspired by the very doll you played with growing up! Start with something simple like a Barbie fashion set or dive right into the transformative world of Mattel’s popular doll with the gender neutral Barbie dolls featured in each Creatable World set!

Give your child playsets that continually expand Barbie’s world to the farm, grocery store, or sports venue. A day spent feeding the horses with Barbie and her friends or running her very own shop to keep customers happy, is sure to encourage stories and adventures that can shape more than playtime! Let your kiddo experiment with STEM at home with Barbie science and activity kits. Or see where their mind wanders while they give Barbie a makeover instead of trying to snip and tie their own hair!

Celebrate the empowered women of the world with dolls modeled after historical figures like Florence Nightingale or Frida Kahlo from the Inspiring Women collection. Whether they’re proudly displayed on a shelf next to the rest of your collectible Barbies or enjoying a romp at playtime with your child, these incredible characters are sure to leave more of an impact than ever.

From Barbie’s dream house and zippy pink convertible to Ella Fitzgerald and Olympic competitors, there is a Barbie option for everyone. Keep things simple or let imagination and an unrestricted playtime world unfold with all of the options you find in our selection! But don’t forget to check back with us to see all the new Barbie dolls and Barbie playsets that make their way in and out of our shop!

Mattel Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls

When you think of Barbie, what comes to mind? Is it you and a sibling fighting over the only doll in your collection that still has all its hair? Do you remember the first Barbie doll you dressed up for a fashion show? Maybe it's memories of your grandma putting her mint-condition Christmas Barbies on display above the stockings. Perhaps seeing Barbie dressed as a doctor, athlete, politician, scientist, or mom inspired your daydreams of the future. Or maybe when you think of Barbie, you're overcome by the memory of presenting one to your own child and watching their eyes light up the same way yours once did. Whatever Barbie means to you, we’re here to make sure that connection never fades. With our selections of Barbie costumes, dolls, decorations, and more, you can fill your home—or another's life—with the joy of Barbie!