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Are you ready to take the plunge down to Atlantis for one-of-a-kind merchandise? You better make sure you have plenty of scuba gear if gills and flippers aren't a part of your anatomy. On the other hand, you can just order your officially licensed Aquaman gifts right here! We have everything from action figures to apparel! Get them for yourself or the merman lover in your life!
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Child Aquaman Costume
Mens Classic Premium Aquaman Costume
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

There's no doubt, Arthur Curry is legendary. He's half-man, half-fish and 100% amazing. Do you have any idea how hard it is to battle with a trident? Arthur makes it look easy! Whether he's swimming in the sea or running in the land, you better believe he's keeping the entire world safe and sound because the truth is: bad guys are everywhere. Besides his trident-battling skills, muscular body, and sarcastic sense of humor, Arthur is resilient. Atlanna, his mermaid mommy, was hauled back to the sea by underwater warriors and sacrificed to the Trench just for falling in love with a lighthouse keeper, not to mention, Black Manta is on his tail (literally) and Orm is itching to go to war. Jeez, doesn't Aquaman ever get a break? Whether you love Arthur Curry for his heroic resilience, majestic fin, or ingrained bravery, you'll love collecting all of these Aquaman gifts. Officially licensed and officially awesome, these are great for serious superhero collectors or lighthearted fans who love the movie.

Did you love reading and watching Arthur Curry battle his foes? If so, get yourself some battle armor. No, don't use it for actual battle; just pretend! The Aquaman Hero-Ready chest and gauntlet set will give you that amazing 6-pack we were talking about earlier, not to mention buff arms. The molded plastic chest piece is a one size fits all accessory, coating kids in a sheen of (fake) gold. The adjustable gauntlets offset the chest piece. Add it to your officially licensed costume or wear it just for fun.

If wearable accessories are not for you and lining shelves and desks with collectibles are more your style, then don't worry, we also have what you're looking for! If you're Team Villains instead of Team Heroes, then you'll want the cool Black Manta Pop Vinyl from Funko. It's a miniature and cute representation of the modern-day pirate with the killer suit. (Literally!) This 4-inch tall figure has big, red eyes and holds a knife. (Yikes!) Set him next to an Arthur Curry Pop! vinyl so it looks like they're going toe-to-toe. If you're really feeling imaginative, stick them in your fish tank as decor! Maybe your fish will really appreciate the new tank mates? (Or chances are, they won't even notice!) Keep adding to your super-cool Aquaman pop vinyl collection by adding Mera to the ranks. The officially licensed Mera Pop vinyl wears her signature gold crown and slinky green jumpsuit, looking amazing as usual. Put these DC Comic collectibles inside of a glass case or allow them free reign of your room (or the fish tank!)

Whatever Aquaman gifts you buy, leave a review or give us Aquaman gift suggestions because we want to supply the best DC Comic collectibles for our customers. No matter what you pick out, we know you'll make a splash with any of these toys and accessories, whether you keep them for yourself or give them to a friend or loved one.