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Funkadelic, psychedelic, trippy, Man! Get into the groove with our selection of 1970s Gifts. Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or planning on fully embracing 70s fashion you'll find something totally cool with us. From costumes and platform shoes to popular film and TV collectibles, there's something to love for every fan of the 70s.
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

Disco fever, Scooby-Doo, and all those polyester suits—what a decade the 70s were! It’s easy to see why there are so many fans of the funkadelic period. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the 70s in your own home or surprise a friend with something totally boss, we can give you the skinny on 1970s gifts.

Not sure if apparel, collectibles, or a costume is the best way to show you’re hip to the groove? Read on for a quick guide to all you’ll discover when you shop our selection!

The 70s had a very distinct sense of style. From the color palette to the decorative knick-knacks, you’re either a fan or hater—there is no in-between. But with our selection of 70s collectibles and home goods, you may find haters switching sides and fans copying your crib. Fill your shelves with iconic 70s characters. From Jaws to Michael Myers, we take our collection to the max. Not diggin’ it? Pick out a coffee mug or disco ball ornament to jazz up your day.

Thinking some 70s inspired clothing would suit your style better? Discover tight threads and accessories to fill your closet. Keep the 70s vibe subtle with knee-high socks or a simple peace sign necklace. Bring back the on-and-off-again tie-dye trend with accessories for any occasion. Or take it to the next level with a flashy suit that’s worth the moolah.

Still not 1970s enough? We hear that! The answer: a 70s costume. Throw a disco in your own home with fly and foxy two and three-piece ensembles. Boogie the night away in go-go boots, gold lame, and sequins that are badder than bad—in the best sense, obviously! Or bring your favorite 70s-themed series back to life with costumes based on the ace characters. With everything from 70s wigs to socks and velvet to stark white disco suits, there’s a 70s look for every dude and dudette!

Do you jive with what we’re layin’ down? Then keep on keeping on with our selection! We’ll get you set for any 1970s situation, and when you’re ready to blow this popsicle stand for another decade, we’ll help you continue to keep it real by putting the fun back in funk!

Still looking for something that really makes you feel the groove? Don’t peel out on us too quickly. Whether you find exactly what you need here or not, we always work to add exciting new items to all of our unique decades’ selections. So, stay cool and check back with us often to discover the righteous exclusives that are for sure going to meet all your costume and entertainment needs!