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Thinking of picking a particularly fierce costume this year? Well, you ought to consider a wolf costume! Channel your wild side with one of our exclusive white wolf costumes, get scary with a classic werewolf costume, or suit your little critter up as adorable wolf cub. With our selection of styles, we can get any member of your family running wild as a wolf!
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Products 1 - 8 of 8

Once upon a time... 

Any time you hear that phrase, there seems to be a really good chance that, somewhere in the story, you're going to hear about a wolf. Now, we'd just like to shine a bit of light on a character who is typically treated as the bad guy. Heck, the most common name is "Big Bad Wolf." How can a furry guy get to becoming the hero with a name like that!? 

Well, we're here to offer a few other possibilities. First, it's a good idea to take a look at the kind of community that wolves usually have. They run in packs. They've got serious fangs for family! Plus, they have a way of looking pretty darn noble while they're at it. Just think of all the posters you've seen of a timberwolf looking up to the moon and howling out a serene song! It's time to give the ancestors of our best friend some time in the sun (and the moon!) with our wolf costumes. 

There's nothing quite as soft and snuggly as a canine cuddling up with you. That's why our Made by Us wolf costumes are designed to be so comfortable. Think of a pair of cozy pajamas that transform you into your favorite animal and still let you head out into the wild to take care of your errands. (What, you haven't seen a wolf checking out at the local grocery shop? Okay, we haven't seen that, either, but you could be the first!) Give your own furry friends a surprise when you get on all fours and show them that you know how to bark up the right tree, too! For once, it'll be them that takes you on the walks. When you're back, relax to some Game of Thrones episodes, reminding yourself that you're the true Direwolf in the world! 

Okay, so we're trying to give a brighter side to the wolf, but we can't deny that there are some werewolves and other house-blowing baddies. You can enjoy dressing up as a wicked wolf in our variety of costumes, too. Just remember that you can give the scary canines a cooler direction, too. Honestly, one look of a toddler in a werewolf costume will make you think twice about how wicked they actually are! A couple scratches behind the ear or a sweet treat and all of their growls go right back to happy woofs! When you go to the adult costumes, they are a perfect twist on the classic horror stories. People afraid of vampires and ghosts chasing them down? Well, who better to protect everyone from the things that go bump in the night than the friendly wolf down the street!? 

Find your favorite wolf look among our costumes and deck out your whole family. You will become the most popular pack out there. Plus, there isn't a better costume out there to enjoy a nice full moon. (Just watch out for the vampires.)