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What mighty wizard can go through their magical world without the right sundries!? A magical lifetime without wands and crystal balls? No gleaming lanterns to light their way or books to guide their spells? Impossible! Make sure all magical needs are fully met with a few of our Wizard Gifts and watch a smile appear out of thin air!
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Adult Harry Potter Light Print Button Up Shirt
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Marvel Dr Stanger Black Shirt
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Gryffindor Knit Hat update
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Black Patronus Glow Knit Beanie
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Knit MACUSA Slouch Beanie-upd
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

The door creaks open and dim but colorful light springs to life. Not one of those really loud and irritating creaks that makes you wince and think about fetching the WD-40. The creepy creaking that speaks of age and mystery. And just enough light that you can see everything, but there are really cool-looking shadows because of red or purple light from that ornamental wall fixture. Obviously, you'll probably switch on your Muggle wall switch eventually... but, for now, it's time to bask in the magical glow of your decked out den! 

That's right. Sure, the conveniences of modern life are certainly nice. But, why not have them in a wizardly fashion while you're at it? What's the point of an existence that doesn't have a little magic around to make everything more fun!? If you have a friend that needs to have their angsty-crabby attitude turned into an abra-cadabra awesome, it's time to dive into our collection of Wizard gifts!

Wizards come in all forms, so their dens are always going to be decorated in a few different ways. All you need to do is figure out if you're a one-wizard kind of spellcaster or if you'd like to expand to all things magical! 

Begin with the famous Wizarding World. We've got a ton of Harry Potter themed items that will help magic up a Muggle life. Hogwarts banners, House cups, wands, hats, and other stuff, we've got the things that you'll adore which'll keep you coming back for more! We promise that even though that rhymed, we didn't just cast a spell on you. (Probably.) Bring your love for Harry Potter home or give it to a friend in need and we have no doubt that you'll be feeling that extra bit of magic around the house! 

Now, we mentioned wands. But, Wizards love their magical implements and it goes way beyond mere sticks. Our collection of Wizard Gifts includes elaborately decorated staves that are a perfect complement to some magical Renaissance wear or will make your gaming session seem even more real. Want to go for the refined look of a dragon claw or perhaps you're more the Lord of the Rings walking stick kind of wizard? Either way, when you're wandering through our stock of Wizard Gifts, you can be proud to know that you're not lost!

Perhaps your explorations have lead you over the rainbow. (Maybe that hot air balloon ride went just a touch further than you expected?) Well, you better get behind that curtain and make sure all know the might of the Wizard of Oz! Sometimes the real magic is all about stylistic choices, after all. Get your supply of magical gifts so when wandering gals and their scarecrow, tin man, and wild beast friends show up, you've got exactly what they've been looking for!

It might take a little more than a magic word and a snap of your fingers, but in a few short clicks through our Wizard Gifts, we're sure that you'll find a number of must-have trinkets that are sure to bring that extra magic to your kith, kin... and yourself, too!