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Getting ready for Halloween doesn’t need to be as tricky as brewing a transformation potion. With our selection of witch costumes, you’ll have a perfect look with just the click of a button! From sparkling dresses for wee witches to school robes for Hogwarts alumnae, there’s a costume to make you and yours feel magical!
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, but it doesn’t have to be! Your October can be Harry Potter or Wizard of Oz. Though maybe Greendale or Salem would suit your witchy soul better. Or perhaps you’d prefer to get familiar with an unnamed fantasy realm full of shadowy sorceresses and wicked warlocks. Whatever your best-fit, our selection of witch costumes is here to help you decide which spell you’ll cast when stepping out on Halloween!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the magic? The lore runs deep, and the choices deeper. Luckily, you’re here. And as fans ourselves, we can’t wait to help guide you on your quest to find the enchanting look that’s perfect for you! Read on to learn about a few of our bewitching costume ideas.

Don’t become vexed by complex transformations and glamour spells. Let our selection of witch costumes and accessories dispel any confusion! From traditional pointy hats to skirts that twinkle, there’s a costume here for even the newest witch in the neighborhood.

For the spooky witch, we offer full-length dresses that pair perfectly with crooked hats and web-like veils. Of course, you could channel a notorious evil witch as well if you want to come off wicked. Something about lace and buttons or green collars paired with curly-toed boots lends itself nicely to the darker intentioned magician. Or you can do the exact opposite. Fight the evil stigma of witchery with bright colors and glitter. From Glenda to Luna, there’s a costume for the sweet spellcaster as well!

Explore all that magic can do with our available accessories! A hooded robe is excellent for disguise but can also keep your alluring witch’s ensemble from feeling too cold on Halloween night. If you’re looking to guarantee a win at the costume contest, you’ll need a good wand. After all, you can’t hex your opponents without one. And whether you’re hosting a coven meeting or gathering your other monsters and ghouls for a Halloween party, you’ll want the accessories that declare, “a witch lives here!” So, don’t forget your spell books, brooms, or shoes to leave around your home.

Whether you’re looking for that last ingredient to finish your brewing costume or you’re starting from scratch, our selection of witch’s costumes and accessories has you covered! With everything from green grease paint for a Wicked Witch of the West to fangs for a witchy-vampire costume hybrid, we’ll help any cauldron bubble, bubble without any toil or trouble! So, take a look at all we have to offer—we even have the special recipe of eye of newt and toe of frog that’ll get you your very own witchy dog!