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White Elephant Gift Ideas

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When it comes to White Elephant gift ideas, well, we can help you put the FUN into the gift swap! And that's because we're fully stocked on funny Christmas gifts and the best White Elephant gifts to be found. Shop them all right here to get yourself set up with the funniest items to give this holiday season.
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Got a White Elephant party coming up? Woo buddy, have you landed in the right spot. Because, around these parts, we're kinda sorta experts extraordinaire when it comes to giving gifts. And, from your favorite pop culture collectibles to hilarious gag gifts, we've got everything fun that's under the sun available right here on our site. It's safe to say that throwing a few wrinkles into the gift-giving festivities like playing by Yankee Swap rules is just our cup of tea, too. We're here for it, as in, we're fully stocked, locked, and loaded on awesome White Elephant gift ideas!

Our top choices when it comes to the top white elephant gift ideas? Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise, but you're going to want to see what tickles your funny bone. Humor is obviously a big part of the White Elephant fun, so you'll want to start by browsing our selection of funny Christmas gifts. At the top of that list, of course, is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and we've got a ton of memorabilia items that help bring a touch of the Griswold family Christmas to life. Try getting our Christmas Vacation socks or a Christmas Vacation Moose Mug for your next gift swap. They're sure to elicit a chuckle and be enjoyed by whoever receives them!

Of course, we have lots of other Pollyanna gifts in other themes, too. From hilarious props and accessories to raunchy gag gifts for men, we've got some of the funniest items you'll find on the web. There are sure to be a few cat lovers in your White Elephant group, so you may want to grab our Snap Cat Disguises. It comes with 25 hand-drawn disguises for real cats! If your group trends towards the younger side, you may want to consider the Fydelity Caption Case Bag. This selfie shoulder bag lets you write a real-life caption when taking a selfie to post online! A true classic that sure to be loved for its hilariousness by whoever receives it is our Flamingolf Flamingo Golf Club Set. Featuring a flamingo putter, a putting hole and flag, and 2 plastic balls, it'll be well received at a work party if it's taken by a golf fanatic or anyone just looking to have a little office fun!

We've got plenty of funny twists on classic White Elephant Game gifts, too. Games are a popular choice for gift swaps, and we've got some awesome selections if that's what you have in mind. Try our Awkward Family Photos Captions Game for a hilarious choice or our Golden Girls Checkers & Bingo Set, since there's sure to be at least one Golden Girls fan in your swap group! Chia Pets are iconic items that always show up around the holidays just in time for gift-giving season, too, so you can be sure that we have some sweet pop culture themed Chias. Try bringing in our Bob Ross Chia Pet or our Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pet as a funny addition to your office White Elephant party!

Apparel and accessories are always a classic choice when it comes to White Elephant gift ideas, as well, so consider picking up some of our top-selling items for your gift swap parties. Socks always make a great gift addition to the circle, so consider our Crazy Cat Lady Socks or our Ramen Socks for fun styles to get passed around. Fanny packs are back in fashion as well, so think about choosing our Sushi Fanny Pack or our Beer Belly Fanny Pack as funny gifts to give at your swap!