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Unicorn Costumes

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Are you a fan of rainbows, fairy magic, and galloping through the fields? How about sleeping amidst gumdrop dreams and enchanted meadows? If so, a unicorn costume is the perfect thing for you! Choose one of our unicorn headwear accessories or full body costumes and kigurumi to transform into the most mythical equine ever!
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Unicorn Accessory Kit Girls
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

What is it about the unicorn that so completely gets our eyes to sparkle with rainbow wonder? They became the national animal of Scotland ages ago and even the United States has gotten on board with celebrating National Unicorn Day on April 9th. They're a pivotal component in any fantasy story involving an escape into the forest and we can't see a rainbow without wondering if it came from our favorite prancing pony, either!

They're among the most magical creatures in all of our world's mythology. Gloriously magical horses with a spiral horn and pure, shiny coats. We've been talking about them as early as 500 BC in Europe, though they've been around even longer in Asian cultures. (If you're willing to accept golden coats, ox tails, and fleshy horns as part of your equine description, anyway.) Do they truly share a strange relationship with the rhinoceros and goat that they were so often mistaken for when Ctesias explored the world and documented his findings? Does the unicorn of the sea, the Narwhal, also possess a bit of magic in their long horn? Are we missing out on unicorn fun because they missed the boat during the great flood... or are they just hiding in plain sight using the magic of their alicorn? The mystery demands further investigation! 

One way to start discovering the truth of the mystical unicorn is to walk a mile in its hooves. We're happy to help you get your adventure started with some of our great unicorn costumes. We have a variety of jumpsuits and dresses that each show off dazzling unicorn fun.

Maybe you're a fan of the traditional white unicorn. Legends say that touching the coat of such a pure creature will bring you a lifetime of luck and happiness. Of course, only the pure of heart can ever hope to do something like that. If you stretch out in a white unicorn costume, though, you're sure to feel just a hint of that magic spread through you. Combine the look with one of our pastel or rainbow wigs to really complete the transformation and you'll be winning with your whinny. 

If you know that friendship is the true magic, you might just love the sparkling coat or pastel colors of our other unicorn costume styles. Try a unicorn Kigurumi to make sure you're in complete comfort. You'll be one with the magical world in a unicorn onesie! Dream of galloping over the rainbow or granting the wishes of your friends. Who knows, you might even sprout a pair of gossamer wings and be one of the rarest flying unicorns out there! Show off your pride for your unicorn family with our collection of unicorn accessories, including everything from cool caps and wonderful wings. Or just finish off your look with a flashy My Little Pony tail, too! 

It is all up to you when you look through our collection of unicorn costumes. Just remember that those cryptozoologists are hunting to capture a picture of a real unicorn. So, if they get to close, you can shapeshift back to your human form until it is time for the next gallop! 

Unicorn Halloween Costumes

Unicorn costumes are absolutely magical and make a great way to add a whimsical touch to any Halloween or costume party. From Inflatable unicorn costumes to ride-on costumes, we're positive that we have a costume fitting for you! If those don't scream you, then we also have the classic onesies where flipping up your hood turns you into one of these magical creatures!

Adult Unicorn Costumes

Are you looking to show off your style? Ready to take your fantasy look to the next level? Well, you are at the right place! With our selection, you can let your mind wander and take on any form or style of unicorn you like! If you are more of the funny type, then a ride-on or inflatable unicorn costume would be perfect for you!

Unicorn Costumes for Kids

What's even more magical than their adult counterparts? From the classic white bodysuit with a rainbow tail to colorful tutus and masks, kids' unicorn costumes are sure to add some sparkle to any party or event. Whether you're looking for something light and fluffy or something totally outrageous, our selection has you covered!

Unicorn Costume Accessories

Accessories are just as important as the costume itself and a great way to add finishing touches! Go your own route and come up with your own style for your unicorn costume with our selection of accessories or go the basic route and stick to the normal unicorn look, we have options that make the possibilities seem endless! Whether you decide to accessorize your unicorn or keep it simple, there is definitely a unicorn horn headband that will suit your fancy.