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If you know that it's Istanbul, not Constantinople and Alaska is actually bigger than Texas, you have that appreciation for geography that probably gives you the travel bug. If you're looking for unique luggage gifts that will make your bag easy to find at the airport or some travel games and activities for the road, check out our selection of travel gifts!
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

Traveling is truly the spice of life. There’s really nothing more exhilarating than exploring a new culture, discovering some new favorite foods, and maybe catching some sights that you’d never be able to see at home. Maybe you stop at a suave little café in Paris while drinking an uplifting Noisette. Maybe you’ll take in the sights of Madrid! Perhaps you’ll sail away to New Zealand and experience the lush nature scenes! Or perhaps you know of someone who’s always heading on some kind of jet-setting adventure halfway across the globe? Then you probably run into this problem quite often… what do you get them for a gift? How about the kind of gift that reminds them of the lovely times that they’ve enjoyed while taking trips across the world?

So then, what kind of travel and geography gifts will you find here? A whole plethora! You see, we have products that help anyone get in the mood for a trip around the world. We also carry a full selection of products that help you recall all the glorious places you’ve traveled to.

First up, we carry some very detailed puzzles that depict some of the most famous locations on Earth! We have classic puzzles, but we also have some very unique styles that are a bit out of the ordinary. You can choose from 3D puzzles that recreate iconic historical locations like Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, or the Eiffel Tower! We also have some puzzles that depict entire cityscapes, including different portions of New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. We even have a selection of great metal models based on amazing locations like Himeji Castle!

Perhaps your traveling friend is a gamer? Well, then there’s plenty of travel-themed games to play! We carry National Parks themed Jenga, YAHTZEE, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly, for those who want to infuse their love of travel into classic games. Of course, we also carry some games for the full-on board game nerd! Settlers of Catan, a game all about settling new lands, is a highly involved strategy game based around traveling and we also have Ticket to Ride, which is a classic game about trying to plot the most efficient train routes across the world. Any world traveler will feel right at home playing these games!

As every great traveler knows, you need to be prepared for anything when taking a trip! You never know when you might get a little bit chilly, whether it’s on the plane ride, or whether you experience an unexpected chill at your tropical destination. Don’t worry though! We carry a variety of blankets for travelers, including ones shaped like the flag of their favorite country to visit! We carry novelty flag blankets from Canada, Mexico, Australia, and more! They’re the perfect way to keep warm while traveling to your favorite country of choice.

Finally, if you have a friend who really likes to take their traveling to the next level, then perhaps they want to dress up for their next trek across the land. That’s why we carry costume-themed travel and geography gifts, including Carmen Sandiego costumes and fun culture themed outfit.

No matter what your traveling friend is in to, you should be able to find a great gift solution in our selection of travel and geography-themed gifts!