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If you're shopping for Teletubbies costumes, you're going to love getting one of our exclusive outfits! We feature Made By Us Teletubbies costumes for adults, and we have a jumpsuit for each of characters: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po!
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Products 1 - 15 of 15

Alright, Teletubby-aniacs. Your time has come! Because we're proud to be the home of exclusive and officially licensed Teletubbies costumes. When you buy one of our adult Teletubbies costumes, you'll find the quality, fit, and feel to be superior to any other Teletubby costume available elsewhere. That's because each of these costumes is designed and crafted by our in-house costume design team. We always choose to make our costumes with select materials and expert assembly so you'll love the outfit you get. And with soft fleece fabrics and plush fiberfill that adds just the right amount of plump effect, our Teletubby costumes just can't be beat!

You'll want to start your shopping by looking at our adult Tinky Winky costume. The iconic Teletubby is acknowledged as the oldest of the group and he always gets to go first. And our purple Teletubby costume is a perfect real-life representation of Tinky Winky! Our exclusive outfit features a fleece jumpsuit with attached mitts. It zips up the front so it's easy to wear. The headpiece is included, too, of course. It is Tinky Winky all the way, with large ears and a purple triangle on top. He's often spotted with a red purse, so you may want to consider picking one up to complete the outfit!

Our Dipsy costume is a must-have for fans of the green Teletubby! The costume is crafted in the same style as the Tinky Winky outfit, with mitts, boot covers, and plump padding in the belly to bring to life the Teletubbies look! It even has the silver rectangle screen on the belly, just like you'd expect a Teletubby costume to have. Then, all you have to do to complete the head-to-toe look is slip on the included green headpiece. It secures with a hook and loop fastener under the chin and features Dipsy's straight-shaped antenna, so you'll be noticeable while you're out and about on Halloween!

Any Teletubby fan is sure to let you know that a Laa-Laa costume is also an awesome choice when you're deciding which character to be for Halloween! The bright yellow Teletubby loves to sing and dance, and we suspect you'll feel like doing the same in our exclusive Laa-Laa Teletubby costume. When you wear this Laa-Laa outfit, or any of our Teletubbies costumes, you'll really appreciate what makes them better than competitors' offerings. The quality stitching and fiberfill stuffing keep the costume looking just like it's supposed to! And, with the large plush ears and Laa-Laa's squiggle antenna on the hood, you'll appreciate the quality of our adult costume.

And, of course, we certainly wouldn't want to forget about the red Teletubby, Po. You better believe we have a costume for her, too! Matching our other Teletubbies adult costumes, our Po costume has a bright red fleece fabric to bring the character's look to life. It's supremely comfortable, just like the other outfits. But the comfort will come in extra handy for Po if you love riding a scooter as much as she does! As with the other costumes, it leaves your face free to show off your smile. And with Po's wand antenna on the hood headpiece, you're certainly going to be smiling. Especially if you imagine blowing bubbles to brighten the days of your Teletubbies costume group!