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Star Wars Costumes

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From heroic Jedi Knights to flyboy scoundrel smugglers, we have all of the Star Wars costumes you could want here. You can find classic Luke Skywalker costumes, right next to our brand new Rey costumes. You can even get dressed up like Han Solo so you can start referring to your car as the Millennium Falcon.
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Back in 1977, the world was introduced to a whole new galaxy (one that was far, far away). We learned about the Jedi Knights, a young starry-eyed hero name Luke Skywalker, a princess leading a Rebellion and the man who owns the fastest ship in the galaxy. Yes, we’re talking about the George Lucas film, Star Wars: A New Hope. Fans instantly fell in love with the sci-fi film and he was quick to produce two more movies, where we learned all about Yoda, Darth Vader’s lineage, and just how much punishment C-3PO could take. We thought it was over… and then we got the prequel movies. While these movies may have been rather divisive amongst fans, it did add a new chapter into the galaxy far, far away.

Countless books, cartoon series, and video games later and the Star Wars series is still going strong! J.J. Abrams brought the series back with The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi continued the saga and we’ve been working hard to bring together all of the best costumes based on the movies. You’ll find costumes for both men and women, along with sizes and styles for kids and infants. If you’ve already crafted your perfect cosplay outfit, then you might want to check out our full assortment of accessories to add to your look.

So, what characters do we offer? All of them! We have various Luke Skywalker costumes for those who can’t get enough of the original movies, along with classic like Princess Leia costumes and Han Solo costumes (which work great as a couples look). We also have a fully array of Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano outfits for those that dig The Clone Wars series, and we have the prequel fans covered too with our Clone Trooper, Darth Maul, and Padme costumes. If you’re looking for a more dangerous look, try one of our Boba Fett costumes or even one of our Stormtrooper costumes. We also carry a large selection of Darth Vader costumes for both adults and kids. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit furrier, then grab a Chewbacca costume or one of our many Ewok styles. We’ve really went out of our way to create a well-balanced selection!

If you’re heading to the next comic con and you’ve crafted a great custom costume, there are still plenty of toy lightsabers and blasters to add to your look. Whether you’re looking for a blue saber like Obi-Wan, or you need a red lightsaber to finish your transformation into a Sith, you’ll find a great selection of toy weapons here. And don’t forget to check out our masks and helmets, many of which are great collectibles that you can add to your collection when you’re done using them for your next costume party!

Star Wars costumes are a great way for any fan to become their favorite characters and since we have a great selection, you can make this your one-stop shop for all of your Star Wars costume needs.

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... there have always been folks looking for Star Wars Halloween Costumes. It makes a lot of sense, as you can do so many things with them. Many people enjoy dressing up as their favorite Star Wars characters, regardless of age, whether at a Halloween party or a cosplay event. A Star Wars costume can also be an excellent way to connect with other fans. We just scored a sweet costume bounty, so if you're looking for Star Wars Halloween Costumes, we have what you need. May the Force be with you.

Star Wars Cosplay

Star Wars Cosplay

What is it about Star Wars Cosplay that inspires creativity, imagination, and a sense of adventure? It might be due to decades of mythology spanning mediums and galaxies. Saying the possibilities are endless is more than an understatement. Some people even create original designs, which sounds great but is a lot of work. If you want an easier way to jump into some quality sci-fi lore, check out some Star Wars Cosplay.

Sexy Star Wars Costumes

Sexy Star Wars Costume

A Sexy Star Wars Costume could be many things. A few examples are Padma’s form-fitting bodysuit, a particular slave costume we dare not mention, or Leia’s thigh-high skirt with a slit in the legs and white boots that go up to the knee. If you require a look for the next interplanetary ball or want to stand out at the next costume party, you must check out a Sexy Star Wars Costume. We know they'll be something to suit your intergalactic tastes.

Star Wars Costumes for Adults

As adults, we are the progenitors of Star Wars fandom. Those younglings didn't know how it was back in the day. We had to make our own Jedi costumes with bath robes and used sticks as lightsabers. As Star Wars Masters, we must set a good example for our Padawans in action and wardrobe. The clothes do make the Jedi or something like that. Sharing Star Wars merch is a fun way to express your love for the franchise and show off your creativity. So, check us out if you want to rock a Star Wars Costume for Adults

Women's Star Wars Costumes

Queen Padma Amidala, Princess Leia, Ahsoka Tano, Rey Skywalker. We have witnessed other notable female characters throughout the galaxy, but these powerhouses could be considered the Big 4 for strong female protagonists in Star Wars. Rey and Ahsoka are powerful Jedi, while Padma and Leia rely on their tactical minds. If you're looking for your style of superheroine to emulate this Halloween, pick up a Women's Stars Wars Costume.

Men's Star Wars Costumes

Men have been known to wear a wide range of Star Wars-inspired costumes. Darth Vader is always a fan favorite. His son Luke is another must-wear costume. It's always fun to pretend to be a Jedi. Come on. We've all tried reaching out our hands, attempting to force-grab something. If you are more of a blast first, ask questions later person, then a Han Solo costume will fit the bill. Whatever you choose, make sure you gear up with a Men's Star Wars Costume.

Star Wars Costumes for Kids

The best thing about Star Wars is the expansive universe. That's all kids need to lightspeed themselves into imagination land. The franchise has captivated audiences for generations, and children are no exception. If your kid force-flips at the sound of Star Wars fanfare, check out these costumes. We have a wide variety of Star Wars Costumes for Kids, ranging from classic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Chewbacca to newer favorites like Rey and Kylo Ren. Adding accessories like lightsabers and blasters will really launch whichever look you choose to the next level!

Star Wars Toddler Costumes

Toddler Star Wars Costume

Just when you thought Grogu or toddlers couldn't get any cuter. A Star War Toddler Costume is perfect for parents who want to start them off on the right foot with some officially licensed Star War gear. Grogu from The Mandalorian is always a great choice. If your youngling skews more toward Stormtrooper than Jedi, maybe a toy weapon will finalize their look. However you decide to dress your toddler this year, do it with a Star Wars Toddler Costume.

Boys Star Wars Costumes

Boys Star Wars Costume

Boys love to dress up in Star Wars costumes. They usually flock to folks like BB-8, Jango Fett, or The Mandalorian. It can be an excellent way for boys to tap into their imagination and sense of adventure. It allows them to role-play as their favorite characters and can inspire them to create their own intergalactic adventures. Whether for Halloween, a themed party, or just for fun, a Boys Star War Costume will surely delight any young fan of the franchise.

Star Wars Girl Costumes

Feel like a hero with a Star Wars Girl Costume! Queen Amidala, Princess Leia, Ahsoka Tano, and Rey Skywalker are only a few of the strong and inspirational characters in the Star Wars franchise worth emulating. Padme is a skilled diplomat willing to risk her life to protect her people. Leia is courageous and quick-witted. Ahsoka is a Jedi prodigy, while Rey is known for her bravery and resourcefulness. Choose how you’ll save the galaxy with a Star Wars Girl Costume.

Baby Star Wars Costumes

There is a ton of perks that come along with a Baby Star Wars Costume. One will be the photos. How great will your Christmas card look this year when you and your partner are dressed as Han and Leia while holding a baby with a Kylo Ren mask? You could always go the Rey and Kylo raising a youngling route, too. We hope the best benefit is your excellent time together as a family. If you're interested, check out a Baby Star Wars Costume.

Star Wars Accessories

Star Wars is so expansive that it has spawned a vast array of accessories and collectibles that resonate in pop culture. Many, if not most, pair wonderfully with our Star Wars costumes. We search for, and design Star Wars Accessories that help fans immerse themselves in the world. You know, things include lightsabers, blasters, helmets, and masks—all the best stuff! If you want something to compliment your Stormtrooper Costume or add to your toy replica collection, check out these Star Wars Accessories.

Star Wars Lightsabers

Star Wars Lightsaber

Lightsabers are iconic. It could be argued that they are the most notable weapons in science fiction. There have been all sorts of imitations, but we all know there is nothing like holding the real thing. Well, as real as we can currently get them (that's probably for the best). Wielding a Star Wars Lightsaber lightspeeds you into the shoes of a Jedi. If you want something more collectible or accurate, we also have toy replica lightsabers that'll force-blow you away.

Star Wars Toy Guns

Star Wars Toy Gun

You can't throw a rock in Star Wars without it getting atomized. It seems like barkeeps, farmers, and civilians generally ensure they keep a blaster close to their side. It makes sense, as they are technically in the middle of a decades-long war. Well, right now, it is peacetime, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a toy weapon on hand for good measure. If you want to be ready for battle, or more likely, a cosplay convention, get a hold of these Star Wars Toy Guns.

Star Wars Masks

There are masks of all sorts in the Star Wars universe. Most of them are in the form of helmets. It makes sense in a world where lasers are used as projectiles and people travel at light speeds. Stormtroopers might have been the first set of people we saw wear masks. The next helmet we saw was a fighter pilot. Of course, Vader took the whole mask game to a new level. Nothing sets off a great galaxy that looks like proper headgear. If you agree, check out a Star Wars Mask.

Star Wars Sunglasses

There are tons of uses for proper eyewear in the Star Wars universe. We often see X-Wing pilots wearing them during dogfights or the random bounty hunter. We can't really speak for the bounty hunters, but we're sure that pilots must keep their eyes protected from space rays or something. Luckily, you don't have to worry about all that. You just need to throw on a pair of Star Wars Sunglasses, and you can easily vibe out like Mando, Boba, or Darth Vader. Even Grogu!