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Products 1 - 3 of 3

The tale of Sleeping Beauty has always enchanted us. We kept hoping that fairy godmothers specifically appointed to us would appear and grant us the gift of beauty ("gold of sunshine in her hair") and the gift of song. However, we could do without Maleficient's curse and that lousy cursed spindle on the spinning wheel! And of course, we desperately wanted to be awakened to True Love's Gifts. 

Even though we can't bestow the aforementioned gifts, we can equip our shoppers with Sleeping Beauty gifts to bring people of all ages joy, entertainment and a dash of magic. We have a little something for everyone too! Serious Disney collectors can add Sleeping Beauty and Maleficient figurines to their glass display case while younger fans are more likely to be enthralled by our Magiclip fashion pack and Glitter Glider dolls. From apparel to collectibles, we have something for the kid in you and your actual kid too. 

First, we'd like to note FUN's selection of Pop vinyl figures and Rock Candy collectibles. Featuring bright colors and expressive faces, these figures look adorable on desks, mantles and shelves. Each collectible makes an inexpensive yet personalized gift for the Sleeping Beauty fan you know. It's a great way for them to advertise their Sleeping Beauty fandom by showcasing a Maleficient Rock Candy figure next to a Sleeping Beauty Pop Vinyl.

Little girls will love FUN's selection of Sleeping Beauty related toys and dolls. They'll love looking after the Disney Aurora baby doll. It's poseable with long blonde hair, perfect for styling and brushing. Young fans will love decorating their princess-pink walls with wood wall decor, featuring artwork from the original Disney movie released in 1959. (Vintage!) Also, don't forget about our beautiful Aurora costumes for girls. Each features whimsical sparkly tulle and glitter-encrusted accents.   

Uber Sleeping Beauty fans who cosplay as a hobby will be pleased to see our wide selection of costumes, accessories and props. Head to the next convention dressed as The Mistress of All Evil by wearing any one of the officially licensed adult costumes. We have a plush horned headpiece if you value comfort over all else or deluxe horns if intimidation is a top concern. Plus, don't forget her iconic staff! We have a couple different ones for you to chose from; one of them even glows! 

Last but not least, we have Sleeping Beauty items to use in your everyday life to casually flaunt your fandom. Start carrying all your necessities around in the quality-made Maleficient mini faux-leather backpack from Loungefly. Her expressive eyes and sinister horns will follow your every movie. Get the complete Maleficent-themed shopping experience by keeping your cash and coins inside the Danielle Nicole Sleeping Maleficent wallet. With plenty of pockets and slots for credit cards, the wallet is perfected with an outer image of Maleficent giving the side-eye. It's one wicked wallet! 

Whatever Sleeping Beauty gifts you decide to go with, leave a product review for them. We'd also love to hear product suggestions you'd also like to see us carry. We strive to give you the happily ever after you deserve!