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Sea Creatures Costumes

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There is a whole rainbow of creatures to see under the sea! And now you can have fun with them on dry land too when you bring home one of our sea creature costumes! Try a shark costume for Shark Week or a penguin costume this winter. Or, simply add to your animal options for Halloween with a fish costume. We have them in sizes from infant to plus so everyone can join in the undersea fun!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

What is your favorite animal? When we asked around the office, common answers included farm animals, pets, and even some critters that you'll probably only see in a zoo or on a safari. Most of them were furry or fluffy, although we got some reptilian answers as well. (And before you ask, yes, most of those were dinosaurs.)

While we certainly appreciate all of these animals, we'd like to spend some time talking about our favorite variety of creatures—the ones that live in the sea! Sea creatures sport some of the best colors in the animal kingdom, there are thousands of different species to see, and we think their ability to breathe underwater is pretty awesome! So why settle for a regular old fuzzy farm animal costutme when you can dress like a cool ocean critter instead?

If your favorite animal falls into this category, then you'll know that sea creature costumes aren't always the easiest to find. Fortunately, you've come to the right place! We have sea creature costumes of all kinds, including shark costumes, squid costumes, jellyfish costumes, and more. And we've made sure that you can join the fun no matter your size and style! We carry everything from infant fish costumes to plus size lobster costumes to shark fins for your pet.

And of course, not all of these creatures look terribly out of place on dry land. You can also choose a penguin costume to help you feel at home in the snow or a lobster costume to make you fit in at a fancy restaurant. (Just watch out for the chef!)

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with flying (or swimming) solo, you can also browse our sea creature costumes to create the perfect group ensemble too! Try a baby shark costume for your kiddo and add in as many shark relatives as you want. Or perhaps you'd prefer a rainbow of ocean life! We have red fish, blue octopi, pink seahorses, green turtles, and more, so you can get a group together that's just as vibrant as your native coral reef.

If a whole outfit just isn't your style, you can also keep it simple with our sea creature accessories! Hats are a great option to add a little flair to your outfit, and since once size fits most, they're also a great gift idea for anyone that loves these animals as much as we do. Plus, there's the sheer comedic value! What's funnier than having a lobster on your head or a shark chomping on your noggin?

Celebrate life under the sea with all of our sea creature costume options! We can't guarantee they'll help you swim any better, but we're almost positive that they'll help you have more fun at your next party!