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Need Schitt’s Creek gifts for fans in your life? We love that journey for you! And you’ve come to the right place to get started! Discover Schitt’s Creek gift ideas when you shop with us. From Schitt’s Creek items like Ew, David mugs to a classically styled Moira POP, our selection saves you time amidst all this chaos to get your gift shopping done!
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Schitts Creek Rose Apothecary Cap UPD
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MONOPOLY Schitt's Creek
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Ladies Schitts Creek Ew David Hoodie
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Schitts Creek Party Game
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Schitt's Creek- David 500 pc Puzzle
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Schitts Creek Rosebud Motel Cap
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Products 1 - 7 of 7

It may have taken two years to catch significant attention, but when Schitt’s Creek rose, it did it as big as Eli’s embezzlement scheme. The series may not have set out to change lives, but that’s exactly what it did. When Netflix began offering the show in 2017, audiences took notice—fans were made overnight, and in some cases, before the first episode’s credits rolled. And Schitt’s Creek’s ability to tell a story with diversity and not just acceptance but genuine love guarantees it won’t be going anywhere.

Now, whether you’re the adoring fan or shopping for one, you’re here to find Schitt’s Creek merch that celebrates the series. Like the Roses deciding to move to Schitt’s Creek, our selection is just the starting point for your collection. Though, it could also be the spot where you discover the final gem in your collection’s crown.

Not sure what you’re after? Don’t become a disgruntled pelican! Stick with us a bit longer for a brief overview of our selection. We’ll help you pick the perfect Funko POP Schitt’s Creek figure or a unique idea that’d be welcome among Rose Apothecary’s products!

Schitt’s Creek fans can hear Moira’s accent ringing in the air. They’ll nail Alexis’ mannerisms and David’s sarcastic quips. And you know they can deliver a Johnny Rose one-liner with perfect timing. Ensure they’re in good company while they tweet on Facebook when you order Schitt’s Creek Funko POPs for their shelves. Whether you choose a little bitty Alexis or David Rose Funko POP or bring the entire family home, the officially licensed collectible figures are sure to make fans smile.

While the show has a lot of love to give and plenty of heartwarming (and breaking) moments to go around, it is a comedy. Our available collectible figures are sure to play on the humor. But we have a few other ideas when it comes to funny Schitt’s Creek gifts, like Schitt’s Creek Monopoly. It may not be the town itself, but imagine gifting Schitt’s Creek to a loved one for their birthday? Maybe an amateur entrepreneur with an obsession with the show would be a better receiver. Either way, with this game, a new version of the story is written with each playing.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Schitt’s Creek apparel either. Like David’s sweaters, Moira’s all black and white wardrobe, Johnny’s suits, or Alexis’ trendy ensembles, our available pieces may inspire you to add a signature to your outfits. Perhaps you’ll be a hat person. A Rosebud Motel cap could start the fashion off right!

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed with regret? Never fear! We’re always looking for unique and exciting gifts to expand our curated selections. So, check back often for everything from exclusives to sought-after collectibles. We’ll help you find the items that’ll have friends and family singing you, “you’re simply the best!”