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Some think that a scary clown is only around for horror. Sure, a scary clown Halloween costume is bound to give a big fright in any season but they can also be a ton of fun. Bring some AHS havoc to the next marathon with a twisted scary clown costume or offer the room a bright balloon to bring a nervous smile to their face. Either way, we have all you'll need to inspire your very own spooky circus.
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Products 1 - 6 of 6

Folks all over the world have very different opinions about the enigmatic "clown." They've had quite a history and we now have a hundred different kinds of clowns. You'd think that each one had its own specific role, then, and that there wasn't a ton of overlap. That's sure how it works for any other kind of profession. It turns out that the clown, though, is really good at shapeshifting and wearing a ton of wigs all at once!

Now, the classic clown is a being of comedy who makes themselves up in a unique face with flamboyant clothes in order to entertain. But their real job is to reflect the human condition right back at us. That can take our frailties or humors and flip them upside down. But it can also dive right into the things that make us scared as heck! Of course, some folks love to be scared, which only makes the scary clown a creature that is certain to help them laugh. No matter why you're looking to gear up in a scary clown costume, we're here to help. 

We can't start talking about scary clown costumes for groups of folks without bringing up the killer! One reason they are so spooky is that they've been featured in several horror films. All you need to do to create a killer clown costume is to add a faux weapon and practice a sinister smile. Our scary clown makeup can help you do that in a snap, too! 

Perhaps you'd like something a bit more recognizable. Well, in that case, you can make your very own American Horror Story episode when you have someone dress up in a Twisty clown costume from AHS. Combine that with a few of our other scary clown masks and you can even make your very own season for your clowning around. 

Just remember that not everyone wants a scary clown costume just to bring out their inner horror or to go on a murderous rampage on film. Think of all those fantastic prank videos that you've caught on YouTube. When you dress up in a costume that contributes to a creepy smile, you can be sure that you'll set folks on edge. A camera hidden on a bookshelf can turn a simple night of playing a game into a shriekfest if you happen to be hanging out in a scary clown costume when your friends drop in for a visit! 

So, scroll on through and find the perfect scary clown accessories to bring your laughing game to the next level. Bright wigs, toothy grins, and the creepiest of clown lore await with this vast collection of scary clown costume couture!