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Need a Scarlet Witch gift to maximize the Maximoff fun? You're in the right place! Offering everything from Scarlet Witch Funko POP to the Vision action figure they didn't know they were missing, our selection of Scarlet Witch merch has it all! Bring Westview home with an Agatha Harkness Funko POP and white Vision action figure paired with a Scarlet Witch statue, or get a taste of the power with Scarlet Witch costumes, all available right here!
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Loungefly Scarlet Witch Mini Backpack
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Products 1 - 4 of 4

When Scarlet Witch made her debut in 1964's X-Men #4, the Silver Age of Comic Books met a new and captivating supervillain. But from origin story to the big screen, Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, has been through countless changes in everything from style to allegiances. And her popularity continues to increase. Which is what we assume brings you to our selection of Scarlet Witch merchandise.

Whether shopping for yourself or a mega Maximoff fan, our selection is here to help! Not sure which gift would be best for you or yours? Continue reading to gather a few ideas from the following overview.

If there's one collectible everyone here at can't get enough of, it's Funko POP figures. There are simply tons to choose from, and with their playful styling, they make an approachable gift for fans of any age. Especially if the character depicted has some darker moments like Scarlet Witch. You'll find a healthy offering of Scarlet Witch POP figures and a few Funko sister styles here!

Shop our Scarlet Witch Funko selection and discover everything from a WandaVision Funko POP for your favorite Wanda decade. Or grab the Agatha and Vision Funko POP that rounds out your or a fellow fan's collection. With options ranging from a Scarlet Witch POP of Wanda dressed as her alter ego for Halloween (complete with a pumpkin-shaped candy bucket) to a Vision POP depicting the Synthezoid looking sharp in 50s fashion, we have something fun for every fan!

Prefer higher detail in your collectible figures? A Scarlet Witch action figure or statue makes a perfect choice, and we've got some of the best!

Choose a Marvel Legends Vision or Scarlet Witch action figure and receive a collectible that's as interactive as it is ready for display! With interchangeable accessories and Build-A-Figure pieces that'll help assemble Captain America's flight gear, it's a gift that keeps on giving or encouraging more collecting, at least.

Want to ensure hands are kept off the Scarlet Witch shrine? Choose a statue instead! Each of our available statues depicts stunning moments from the Marvel Universe. Their high attention to detail, though entirely static, brings the thrilling movement and energy of these moments to life and are sure to be a display piece every fan is proud of!

From Scarlet Witch clothing accessories and costumes that let fans become the character for a day to the collectibles we've detailed above, there's a Scarlet Witch gift idea for everyone in our selection. But if you didn't find the piece that answers your search, never fear! We're always working to conjure new and exciting pieces for fans to enjoy. So, check back again to see what we've got in store!