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Bring a collection of Scarlet Witches together; no Darkhold required! Our selection of Scarlet Witch Funko POP, pins, and SODA make assembling a magical display easy. Shop Wandavision Funko POP to find the Wanda Maximoff POP, Vision POP, or Agatha POP your collection is missing. Discover powerful statement makers like a Scarlet Witch Loungefly backpack. Or surprise another fan with any available Scarlet Witch Funko accessory and figure!
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POP! Marvel: DSMM - Exclusive Scarlet Witch Vinyl Figure
Sale - 58% Exclusive
Loungefly Scarlet Witch Mini Backpack
Sale - 25% Exclusive
Funko Pop Marvel WandaVision 50s Vision
Sale - 33%
Vinyl SODA Marvel Vision
Sale - 47%
POP WandaVision The Vision update
Sale - 50%
POP Marvel: What If - Zombie Scarlet Witch
Sale - 17%
Funko Pop Marvel WandaVision WANDA 50s
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 20 of 20

If you're looking for a gift for a Scarlet Witch fan, our Funko Scarlet Witch collection is a great place to start! Including a variety of Scarlet Witch Funko POP, SODA, and accessories, there's a unique way for every fan to celebrate their favorite Marvel character. And whether you know exactly what you need or a little guidance would appreciated, the following overview is here to help!

First and foremost, Funko figures and their sister company Loungefly make fandoms easy to approach to outsiders, newbies, and veteran fans alike! Presenting an array of collectibles styled from cute to spooky and even chic, there's something for everyone. Meanwhile, their attention to detail promises to make any chosen gift a crowd pleaser!

When it comes to Scarlet Witch POP figures, we've got a selection that's sure to power up any collection! Choose from Funko POP Wandavision figures, including Agatha and Vision Funko POP, perfect for pairing with different decades styled Wanda POPs. You'll find everything from Wanda in her original Scarlet Witch costume and Vision dressed to match—a perfect duo for fans of the comics or the MCU—to The Vision shining in all white.

Perfect the eerier, Darkhold powered Scarlet Witch? Explore Scarlet Witch Funko, that capture the chaos sorceress's scary side. A POP Moment shared between Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch is sure surprise with its stylized rendering of the duo's epic meeting. Meanwhile, our exclusive glow-in-the-dark Scarlet Witch POP brings a bit of theater to a static depiction.

If you're looking for even more drama, however, What If…? POPs or Funko figures that illustrate Wanda's, Visions, and Agatha's magic with clever detailing! From zombie Scarlet Witch Funko to floating figures, these Scarlet Witch POPs won't let you down!

Add a POP of Scarlet Witch magic to every outfit with Scarlet Witch Loungefly and Funko POP accessories! Choose from playful pins perfect for display or making bold fashion statements. Treat fans to a little pick-me-up with a Scarlet Witch POP keychain that they can carry anywhere. Or really show off a love for the character with a Loungefly Scarlet Witch mini backpack!

Didn't find the bewitching Scarlet Witch you were hoping for? Give our full Scarlet Witch gift selection a look. Including everything here, plus costumes, apparel, and stunning statues, you're sure to discover a new favorite piece for your or a fellow fan's collection! And, of course, be sure to keep an eye on this page of Funko Scarlet Witch gifts and collectibles. As with all our selections, we're always working to keep our offering fresh and filled with fan must-haves!