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Itching for the next season of Rick and Morty? Worried that they just always seem to be a little too far away? Well, with our Rick and Morty collectibles, you'll be able to keep the zaniest dimension-hoppers out there whenever you like. From weirdo Pop! and action figures to the strangest of home decor, you can transform your universe into the one that Rick and Morty finally decide to call home.
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Vinyl SODA Rick and Morty Rick
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POP Rick And Morty Rick Vinyl Figure
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Rick & Morty Replica Portal Gun
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POP Animation: Rick & Morty- Morty w/ Glorzo
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Products 1 - 13 of 13

Wubba lubba dub dub is a pretty complicated phrase. For some, it is a statement of the deep and unending emotional strife that someone is going through. For others, it is a pretty jovial shout that can help liven up just about any situation. Well, for us, it means that it is time to throw a Rick and Morty party by inviting over all of your favorite (and peculiar) Rick & Morty characters. There is a bit of concern in such a thing, naturally. (Something about Rick's parties always makes them end with a rather huge explosion or at least a wealth of gross gunk all over the house.) Skip the clean-up and focus on the fun with our collection of Rick and Morty collectibles! 

What's your favorite Rick and Morty episode? Do you enjoy Rick's clever way of avoiding family obligations by transforming into a pickle? Well, you have plenty of ways to celebrate the bizarre existence of Pickle Rick by picking your pick of Pickle Rick collectibles. (That's not quite a tongue-twister yet, but we imagine you can take it even further.) Weaponize the world with some of Rick's strange (and deadly) inventions... but feel comfortable knowing that they are quite safe in their plastic and vinyl form!

Don't think we've forgotten Morty. He is the one that keeps the multiverse together, after all. He has nearly as many strange incarnations as Rick, so you'll no doubt be able to bring your favorite moments of Morty's awkwardness to life... and you won't even need to ask a favor of Mr. Meeseeks. (Just remember that Morty sometimes has some pretty crazy ideas, himself, so if you see any wicked gizmos or death crystals just remember to keep an eye out!)

If you're not sure which collectibles you want to get your hands on first, there are mystery mini options as well as Rick and Morty games to keep you entertained. (They might not be as galactically weird as Rick's amusement park, but you'll still have quite a wubba lub ton of fun.) 

The best part of your ever-expanding Rick & Morty collection is that the only fallout you'll face is the quirky stories that will develop as your home decor gets even stranger! (Especially if you happen to have an existing collection of Pop! figures to team up with the duo. You haven't seen anything until Rick and Morty hop into the Disney dimension or go gallivanting with the Ghostbusters!) 

Find your favorite moments and build up a brand new universe with these Rick and Morty collectibles. (And when you happen to get them all, just keep an eye out. That new season is sure to show up soon!)