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The crisp scent of autumn immediately lifts the spirit and tells us that it is time. Time to step through the portal and enter a fantastic world just parallel to our own. It's time for the Renaissance Faire! Of course, we are happy to provide the look to fit your style, whether you want an authentic pirate, trendy tavern-goer, or wondrous wizard!
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When you hear "Renaissance," what comes to your mind? Let's just say that it is a word that we toss around a lot over here. Sometimes, we're ramping up for a Halloween costume that is going to make people talk for years. Other times, we're heading off to the Renaissance Festival and we want to make sure that we fit in so well that the rest of the actors on staff might think that we're working there, too. (Who would say no to a free turkey leg and mug of mead after all!?) Occasionally, we've got one heck of a tabletop roleplaying game going on and we want to make sure the night is epic. And, of course, there is the one guy who got transported here by the time machine. (Sire Roderick is loving his new life in product development but we're sure that he's worried about the dragon that he left roaming the countryside.) 

First, some history. There's some reasonable overlap between the Rennaisance and Middle Ages, especially when it comes to costume fun. The Medieval Period (Middle Ages) go back as early as the 5th century but it didn't get really kicking until stories of King Arthur and the later Crusades. The Renaissance Period was the European transition from the Middle ages into the modern world, where science, art, and cultural developments literally were bringing society out of the dark. City-states and genius philosophers gave rise to the "Renaissance Man," a person who seemed to be skilled at a bit of everything! Over the years, our view of the Middle Ages and Renaissance have become a celebrated mix of true history and fantastic stories. That's why you can run into Leonardo da Vinci and Gandalf enjoying a discussion of dragon anatomy at your local Renfest!

No matter your ambition for Renaissance looks, we've got you covered. (Literally, since they're costumes.) Take a scroll through our wide variety of looks and see which outfit is right for you... but here are some ideas to help you get going. 

Start with some of those historic looks. We've got some costumes designed in classic style, whether you're a tavern-goer, a noblewoman, joining the Crusades in the late Medieval Period, launching your longboat on a Viking raid, or sailing the high seas as a rugged or refined pirate. Sounds like the start of a fantasy story, but all those things are part of our real history! What's more fun than dressing up for a tale you've dreamed about than knowing that it also actually happened? With these styles of Renaissance costumes, you'll be able to do both at once. 

Of course, if you'd like to write your own story, there are options that are just a bit larger than life. That's where your wizard and dragon, your King Arthur and early Roman deity, your classic Robin Hood and even iconic TV and movie characters come to life. Want to give our Targaryen Queen another shot at victory or summon Gandalf home from Valinor? With the magic of the right Renaissance character costume, you can do just that!

The best part of a good Renaissance costume is the ability to create your very own character. Scroll through our options and start imagining what life you would like to live out. We know you're going to have almost as much fun creating your look as you will living out your Renaissance fantasy.