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Get ready for spring showers or a heavy summer rain when you shop our selection of Rain Gear. We have all the essentials including umbrellas, rain boots, and rain jackets. And, best part of all, they all feature the themes and characters that kids love. Shop our entire selection right here to see the best rain gear around!
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Mermaid Color Changing Poncho11
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Fairy Unicorn Color Changing Poncho11
Sale - 33%
Color Changing Kids Dinosaur Poncho
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Minnie Mouse Girls Rain Coat
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Space/Rocket Color Changing Poncho 1
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Avengers Group Kids Rainboot
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Stephen Joseph Pirate Rain Poncho
Clearance  - 60%
Kids Stephen Joseph Dinosaur Rain Boots
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Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Umbrella
Sale - 40%
Dragon Ball Z Umbrella
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Stephen Joseph Butterfly Umbrella
Sale - 27%
My Little Pony Stick Umbrella
Clearance  - 31%
Fire Chief Umbrella
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Camo Rain Boots Sold Out
Paw Patrol Kids Umbrella Sold Out
LOL! Suprise Kids Umbrella Sold Out
Naruto Umbrella Sold Out
Deadpool Katana Umbrella update3 Sold Out

Deadpool Katana Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Unicorn Umbrella Sold Out
Venom Liquid Reactive Umbrella Sold Out
Mickey Mouse Rain Coat  
Products 1 - 60 of 67

The arrival of a rainy day might have your kids feeling bleak and a little dreary, but odds are, they'll still have to get to school or to their regularly scheduled activities. So, we've got to find them the gear that will help them beat the rainy day blues! Fortunately, we've got just the ticket for that. Because when your rain gear is bright, vibrant, and a whole lot of fun, there's no rainy forecast that can put a damper in your day!

That's the approach we took in stocking our digital shelves, and we're happy to offer the web's best selection of rain gear gifts. Our rain clothing and umbrellas for kids feature vibrant printed designs in the most popular themes of the day. From Disney to comic book superheroes, we’re sure your kids will love taking on a rainy day with the likes of Mickey Mouse or Batman backing them up.

We're also proud to carry Stephen Joseph rain boots and jackets. This popular lifestyle brand is known for producing gifts with adorable designs for toddlers and kids age 6 and under. These premium accessories come designed in the themes kids just simply adore. It'll be tough to decide whether they'll love the dinosaur, unicorn, or shark rain coat the most!

When shopping to outfit children with a complete rain gear set, you'll want to make sure they're covered from head to toe. A kid's umbrella will do the best job of keeping them dry, but you'll want to get a matching raincoat, too, to make sure they're totally waterproof. Toddler rain boots are essential, of course, and take care of completing the ensemble.

Giving your child a new pair of kid's rain boots is sure to have them looking cute when they're at the bus stop, but we're betting that your kiddo will love splashing in them after school, too. That's a time-honored tradition that kids always love, and it's sure to be more memorable with their favorite princesses and heroes helping them to splash each puddle!

And, oh yeah, as for adults? Well, we didn't leave you out of the fun, either. After all, we're all about fans here at FUN, and that means we've got licensed umbrellas for the biggest fans to be found. Our fan gear includes Star Wars umbrellas and selections for Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, too. Shop them all to grab a great gift for the superfan you're in search of an item for!

Whether shopping for toddlers, children, a partner, a friend, or even a frenemy, we're sure you'll find the perfect rainy day gear for them right here at FUN. And, hey, if on second thought you're thinking about just spending the day in? Well, then you might want to swing over and shop our selection of board games instead!