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Best Rain Boots for Kids

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Splish! Splash! Few things are more fun than hopping around in a big rain puddle. Of course, you're going to need a pair of our fun rain boots if you want to play in the rain! We carry a ton of great boots to add to your rain gear, including plenty of styles for kids. We even have toddler rain boots that feature themes based on Disney, superheroes, and Star Wars! You can find the perfect rain boots for any kid right here!
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Products 1 - 13 of 13

Some people don't like the rain. In fact, humans have created all sorts of negative sayings about the rain. If you rain on someone's parade, it's considered a bad thing and things get "rained out" there tends to be a lot of disappointment. They make it sound like a little precipitation is a real bummer, but you know what? We kind of like the rain. Water is the great giver of life! It cures thirst, keeps us alive, and makes sure that the flowers are in full bloom during Spring. But, most importantly... splashing around in puddles can be downright fun! Just ask any kid out there. They'll tell you that few things are more fun than stomping in a fresh rain puddle and we think it's a great idea to encourage your little one to enjoy the rain. Maybe the people who don't like the rain just didn't have a good pair of rain boots when they were growing up. Well, we can help most people out with that little problem! Well, we can help outfit your child with a pair of rain boots, so they grow up loving the rain!

Yes, when the Spring showers come, you'll want to make sure you have a pair of rain boots for your child! We carry an awesome selection of rainboots for kids, including ones with designs based on their favorite cartoons and movies. Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Spider-Man happen to be some of our most popular rain boots for kids, but we also carry themed like Paw Patrol, The Little Mermaid, and more! If you're a fan of Stephen Joseph, we also carry a huge selection of rain boots made by them.

Of course, each of our pairs of rain boots are designed to be waterproof, with a rubber exterior. That means your child can slip them on to keep their feet dry while they head out into the sprinkling spring showers. The treads on most rain boots are designed to work well in wet weather, so your child will be ready to hop in any puddle that makes its way to your neighborhood! They're a great back to school item and should be a part of any child's rain gear for playtime.

If you're looking to outfit your child for the rainy season, then our child rain boots are a great place to start! They might just help your child gain an appreciation for the rain! With great styles and designs that will keep your child's feet dry, they're great gear for any kid!