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Can you imagine being as popular as Pusheen? We already know you love her (that’s why you’re here) but could you put yourself in her tiny little toe beans? With our selection of Pusheen Gifts, you can try! Get yourself a Pusheen backpack or a Pusheen plush. Maybe grab a pair of Pusheen slippers or a onesie that will give you a real taste of being your own Pusheen cat! Whatever Pusheen gift you’re after, you’re guaranteed to smile while shopping w
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Cats and the internet might be the best pairing to ever exist! Everything about cats is memeable. From playtime to dinner time, they give us a reason to coo, laugh, cry, or shout. Leaping halfway up a wall or sitting in the classic “loaf mode” might only fall in the rankings because tongue blips and those fabulous toe beans exist! It makes sense then, that the internet has been entirely overcome by the indomitably charming Pusheen the Cat.

Pusheen made her debut back in 2010 in a series of online comics. From the beginning, Pusheen was shown combining the simple lifestyle cats enjoy with the wild ideas we all assume our cats are thinking. The tubby tabby rose to internet phenomena status in 2013 when a collection of animated stickers were made available to Facebook users. Since then, Pusheen has turned from a funny little kitty, explaining Pusheen thing, into a unicorn, mermaid, wife, mother, and friend to any animal her creators welcome to the family.

While you’re looking for a gift for a Pusheen fan, you’ll find it hard to pick wrong. The varied existence Pusheen has lived has created merchandise that is hard to resist (even if you’re brand new to the Pusheen craze). All you’ll want to keep in mind is whether a Pusheen costume or Pusheen mug is better for your Pusheen fan—the best option is both!

When you scroll through our selection of Pusheen Gifts, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect item for yourself as well! Maybe start small with a pair of Pusheen socks. Or get a better feel for the cozy life with a pair of Pusheen slippers that are almost as cute as real cat feet. When you’re ready to take your love of Pusheen public, a Pusheen hat or purse will help you encourage more Pusheen fans to do the same!

Keep smiling all day long with a Pusheen Pop! playing on your desk. Or, share the happiest teatime with friends while using a Pusheen teacup and saucer. No matter where you add Pusheen to your life, she’s guaranteed to bring a bit of cuteness, cheer, and laughter!

Ranked among the internet’s favorite cats, Pusheen is a trend we never want to see fall out of popularity. Her different characters, lovely family, and friends are a constant reminder to enjoy the simple (and adorable) things in life. From her helpful tips and tricks on being a good friend to a visual dictionary of cat poses and nicknames, there’s very little Pusheen the Cat hasn’t shared her thoughts on. We can’t wait to see what’s next!