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It is time to celebrate the fun and joy of the Jewish holiday, Purim! You've worn the mask of responsibility all year long, so it's time to let your inner self out. Choose one of our Purim costumes that best represent who you are inside and take to the streets, the Synagogue, or your own joyful home and make this the best Purim yet! We have costumes perfect for a traditional look (such as an Esther costume), as well as a more secular celebration.
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Many make the assumption that costumes exist only for Halloween. Sure, there are a few themed parties that might show up throughout the year. There are a couple plays that are good to deck yourself out for as well. Oh, and don't forget the comic conventions. How about the grand Carnivale? Suddenly, you start thinking about costumes and you realize there are a lot of reasons to garb up in a glorious look. 

Of course, many out there also celebrate Purim! Known as the Jewish Carnivale, this is a holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people before it met a dangerous end at the hands of a wicked Persian leader over six centuries ago! That doesn't mean that the celebration is over, because it is time for Purim 2020!

Historically, the celebration included the exchange of spectacular food, donations to the poor, and the public recitation of prayer and the denouncement and striking out of the name of the wicked one, Haman! It is a time for boisterous celebration and one of the times that you'd never be shushed for making a racket! 

Of course, the reason you're here is for the Purim costumes. All year, they say that people wear masks over their inner selves. You know that inner voice that wants to shout out sometimes? Maybe you feel like you're a bit of a class clown. Perhaps you're super into magical mythology. Who knows? Maybe your inner self is a bright unicorn. Well, when late February through mid-March comes around, Purim says that it is time to wear your inner face outwardly. That's where these fantastic costumes come to light!

But, what to pick? Whether you're looking for Purim gifts for others or a perfect look for yourself, sometimes we need some Purim costume ideas! Traditional Purim costumes often include historic looks, ranging from southeast Europe and Egypt. Pharoahs, togas, pirates, kings, Renaissance regalia abound during Purim. You'll also see a variety of religious looks including angels, rabbis, saints, and shepherds. But Purim is also a time for the non-traditional looks that celebrate color and flare. Ringmasters, clowns, masquerade looks, and anything bright and shiny are certain to let your inner self out! 

Look through our variety of costumes for Purim and find the one that speaks to you so you can get right into the celebrations! We have Purim costumes for adults and kids alike, so you can find matching group costumes or make some real noise with a look that clashes in a spectacular way. We hope that you all have a fantastic holiday and we are happy to help add that festive costume element. Chag sameach!