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Plus Size Women's Costumes

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You were born to play the leading lady. So, when the chance arrives to dress as that leading lady, you need a costume that fits your body right. Our selection of plus-size women’s costumes is the perfect place to make that happen. Offering an impressive variety of characters—from sweet to sexy—in an inclusive range of sizes from 1X to 8X, you’re sure to find the costume that suits you best!
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Products 1 - 2 of 2

Our goal has always been to help our customers be uniquely themselves. That means we need to cater to all our customers. We don't deal in that one-size-fits-all stuff where the one size wouldn’t fit anywhere near all. That’s a whole shenanigan. No, here we have a selection of costumes, from Disney Princess to “bad” Sandy, that strives to include everyone.

So, what Halloween costume have you been longing to wear? Is it time to impress the convention scene with your cosplay? Or maybe you’re planning a Christmas party that Mrs. Claus must attend. Read on to see how we can make those special occasions and so many more the stuff of dreams!

If you describe yourself as powerful, nothing can beat a superhero costume. Unless, of course, you’re magically powerful, then you may want a witch costume. Either way, our selection of both is super! Become Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. Maybe unleash a little mayhem as Harley Quinn. Or pick out the wardrobe for performing your most complicated spells. From plus size, Harry Potter robes to a sexy plus size Poison Ivy outfit, our selection is fit for handling your power.

Love a traditional Halloween costume? Or just something simpler? You’ll feel like there’s no end to our classic costume options! Try a trendy fawn costume or a cuddly dalmatian suit that’s a perfect match to your partner’s firefighter or Cruella costume. Explore history with costumes that turn you into the swashbuckling queen of pirates or even Nefertiti as a mummy. Or, if you believe Halloween is for mischief-making and terror come-to-life, pick from creepy clowns, decaying dolls, or spine-chilling skeleton costumes.

Did you get invited to a theme party? The Roaring 20s never seem to go out of style, and the 90s are always knocking at the door. So, when your friend says flapper attire or plaid skirts are required for their birthday party, we’ve got you covered. From those flashy 20s to the styles of today, we have the plus-size decades costumes you’re looking for!

Gone are the days of being stuck wearing the one costume that comes in your size or nothing at all. When you shop our selection, you’ll discover hundreds of costumes in sizes that were made for more than one body type. Be the Cinderella to your Prince Charming in the dress she’s meant to wear. Rock the sports world as a Rockford Peach. Bust some ghosts as your favorite Ghostbuster. Or walk into any costume event with all the confidence in the world because you’ve got the costume you’ve always wanted. Here exclusives don’t exclude, and beloved characters aren’t for one size only. Here, we cater to all.