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Pillow Pets

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Snuggling, cuddling, and relaxing are probably our favorite activities, in no particular order. We love anything that's soft and comfortable so obviously we are partial to pajamas pants, blankets, and of course... pillows! Since we spend so much time lounging around we like to spice things up with our pillow selection, that's where pillow pets come in. Pillow pets are an awesome alternative to falling asleep on a basic, pillow. You're still able to comfortably rest your head on something soft, but now you'll have the added bonus of looking down and seeing a really cute character staring back at you. 

Sure alot of our pillow pets are aimed toward children, but they're really for anyone who likes to stay in and cuddle. Whether you're a fan of Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Monsters Inc., Frozen, or TMNT, we have a pillow pet that will be right up your alley. Buy one for yourself or give one to a child as a gift because all no one can resist an adorable and squishy pillow pet!