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Little piggies can be so utterly adorable. Their pink little snouts and curly tails can stir up a squeal of delight from us humans! Whether you wish to dress people up as the three little pigs or you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house, you'll find the right costume you're looking for in this Pig costume collection. Pig kigurumis, infant costumes, and accessory sets make dressing up as a pig easy for any occasion!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

When you think about the variety of different animals throughout the world, most of them have a pretty big set of mythological qualities. Cats are practically worshiped for their nine lives and some cultures even go so far as to give them thrones! Horses do everything from taxi the sun from the east to the west and create the thunder that comes with storms. Wolves are everywhere, agents of creation and destruction at the same time. 

But, what about the piggy? We pretty much adore them, but we don't have too many supernatural claims. Sure, we've got mysteriously magical boars throughout mythology, but what about the powerful pig? There's a good reason that we have them all over storybooks (and it isn't just because of their adorably twisty tails). Not only are they adorable, but they tend to call on our inner relaxed nature. Pigs love to chill but they're also thought to bring about luck and abundance. Want to boost your chances with that local lottery? Well, give a piglet a little rub and you might gain the attention of Lady Luck! 

Of course, there are a few famous pigs that you can transform into if you'd like to get lucky right away. With our Pig costume options, you'll be able to bring any of them to life in a snap. Start with the YouTube sensation, Peppa Pig. If you've got a youngster anywhere in your life, you've probably heard all about this energetic character. Peppa's got a love for costumes, herself, too. Everything from a Peppa the Pirate to a host of other characters for her fancy dress party! Whether you love Peppa too or just need to get a new story told, try a Peppa Pig costume and watch that smile go wide. 

If one famous pig isn't enough for you, how about three at once!? You've of course heard of the Three Little Pigs and their innovative use of building materials to defy the Big Bad Wolf. Well, with some of our Made by Us Pig costumes, you can bring the story to life. You don't even need to be limited to three. There are, after all, a whole bunch of different materials left. (We highly recommend the Marshmallow House! It's fun to build and even better to eat.) 

The luckiest pig out there, though, has to be Piglet from the 100 Acre Wood. This little guy has a collection of best buddies including Winnie the Pooh! Venture out on an adventure as the most timid little pig that ever was! Perhaps with this costume, Piglet will get out a bit more, too. And, once you've exhausted yourself with all the fun from these pig costumes, you can retire in a comfy kigurumi and finally discover what kinds of dreams these adorable critters have! 

It's time to have fun in the way only the pinkest pals out there can. Find your favorite pig costume option in our category and get your tail in a twist!