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How do you feel about going for a nice float? We all float down here! If you're a fan of the distinct brand of terror that IT spreads, you'll love discovering the perfect Pennywise Halloween costume in this collection! Whether your ideal tribute to this ageless entity from Stephen King's thriller comes in the form of a Pennywise dog costume or a standard Mens Pennywise costume, you'll find the look from your nightmares in this selection!
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

Everyone knows that you don't dress as a clown in Derry, Maine. Not unless you want seven kids to band together to take you down! But unless you've gained access to Stephen King's fictional sewer-crazed city, you can go into your Halloween celebration knowing your Pennywise outfit is a spooky season classic!

Just like the ageless entity that lurked in the sewers, a Pennywise costume has a lot of variations. You could show up with long claws, rotten fangs, or a floating balloon. You're not even limited to an adult Pennywise costume! After all, there's something about a Pennywise child costume that's extra unhinging! But if you're thinking about doing some Pennywise cosplay, we'd suggest focusing on your favorite iteration of the eerie monster. 

A Pennywise clown costume can be family-friendly. If Pennywise costume kids are on your list, you don't have to allow them to dress up in a costume that'll make their little siblings cry. Take the Pennywise mascot head, for instance. Cartoonish enough to be a boys Pennywise costume, yet fun enough to be used as an oversized toddler Pennywise costume during playtime, it's versatile and perfect for trick-or-treating.

Of course, Pennywise costume kids aren't our main wheelhouse, though we have a few options that might make a good Pennywise girl costume. If you're heading out in an It Pennywise Costume but don't wan't to be covered head to toe in Pennywise clown costume, a sexy Pennywise costume may be right for you. A short, flared skirt and ruff around the neck will make your Pennywise costume female and dance-floor friendly. A female Pennywise costume could be polished off with long orange pigtails and blood-splattered leggings or thigh-highs if you want to add even more flair! Pennywise costume women can get as weird and wicked as they want!

Are you thinking about putting together a Pennywise couple costume? Consider bringing poor Georgie into the mix by dressing your partner in a simple yellow raincoat. to make sure that everyone can join in the IT-themed fun, we have Pennywise costumes in all sizes. Your Plus Size Pennywise costume could be a full-length jumpsuit or short dress. It just depends on your tastes. You can even bring your pet into the mix with a Pennywise costume for dogs. We weren't kidding when we said we all float down here! Our Stephen King enthusiasm knows no limits! While a Pennywise baby costume might not be standard, we're sure a baby Pennywise costume will be in the mix sooner or later!

So there you have it, your women's Pennywise costume could come in all sorts of styles while men might enjoy choosing from our diverse selection of masks or a look that's straight out of the movies! Choose whatever costume speaks to you... unless, of course, that voice is coming from the drains.