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Products 1 - 3 of 3

The suit you wear should be an expression of who you are. Some guys are gray with pinstripes, but other guys? Well, they need a little more flair than that. Some guys are more of dashing blue, that redefines what it means to look cool. Some guys have stars in their eyes and need a set of stars on their suit to match. Some guys have an ongoing relationship with Lady Luck and they need a suit infused with the Luck of the Irish. Patriotic guys need a star-spangled suit, while other guys need a suit that matches their festive spirit. For all these types of guys, we introduce to you, the OppoSuit!

Made by a brand that understands both the value of donning a formal suit AND the value of expressing yourself, OppoSuits have dedicated themselves to making formal wear that shows off your wild sense of style and flair. From Christmas suits, to bright pastel colored suits, there's a fit for any kind of personality.