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My Hero Academia Funko

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Products 1 - 4 of 4

My Hero Academia Funko Pops

Our shelves are also stocked with an array of My Hero Academia Funko Pops, including everyone's favorite hero-in-training, Deku, and the symbol of peace, All Might. These Funko Pop! figures capture the essence of the characters in adorable, stylized form, making them irresistible to collectors and fans alike. Display them in your room, at work, or anywhere you need a bit of inspiration from the heroes of My Hero Academia!

Deku Funko Pop Figures

If you've got a Deku Pop! figure on the mind, choose from Deku with Helmet Pop! vinyl for that battle-ready look, or the Deku Middle School Funko Pop! to reminisce about his early days before U.A. High. Each version captures a different aspect of his journey, allowing fans to collect and display Deku's multi-faceted qualities. These figures are perfect for decorating your space or as a gift to inspire a fellow fan with Deku's relentless determination!

All Might Funko Pop Figures

All Might shines in all his glory with our All Might Funko Pop! figures. From the classic, muscle-bound All Might Funko Pop! to alternate looks like Teacher All Might and Silver Age All Might, each Pop! celebrates the Symbol of Peace in unique ways. These figs are a fantastic way to honor the legacy of All Might, showcasing his strength, courage, and unwavering smile. Add these to your collection and let All Might's presence remind you to stay strong no matter the odds.