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Cozy up at home with a selection of mukluk slippers! Whether your bustling around to get chores done or enjoying a lazy Sunday cuddled on your couch, our available mukluk house shoes are perfect for the occasion. Built for comfort and protection, a pair of mukluks will keep your soles clean and toes warm all year round!
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Kids Bear Fair Isle Mukluk Slipper
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Kids Horse Fair Isle Mukluk Slipper
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Have you been in search of the perfect footwear? Well, you’ve found it! At least, for lounging around the house. As if fuzzy socks and hard-soled slippers produced a child of their own, our available mukluk slippers are here to warm your heart—and toes!

What makes these the perfect addition to your sock and shoe collection? It’s pretty simple; mukluks are comfy and practical! Inspired by boots worn in the Arctic, you couldn’t expect less. And while these cozy slip-ons aren’t recommended for trekking across frozen tundra, they are great for walking across a chilly bathroom floor.

Still not convinced? Read on to hear a few mukluk-wearing ideas that we think are rather clever!

Sick of your sneak attack hugs being ruined by the lightest tap of your shoe or a sticky foot lifting off hardwood floors? Try a pair of our women’s mukluk slippers! With their soft and flexible soles, you can surprise your loved ones with big bear hugs that they never heard coming. And if you grab a pair to share, you both can happily slide through the house with matching feet!

Maybe your child hates wearing socks at home. We get it. Bare toes are better for wiggling and teasing their siblings, but they also get dirty quickly and cold even quicker. And we all know cold toes cause crabbiness in children. Whether that crabbiness stems from being told to take a bath and clean their feet or because their frozen toes caused a sniffly nose, it’s best avoided. Perhaps a pair of mukluk slippers for kids will help. With their unique construction and fun designs, they're just begging to be worn! And, if just preventing colds and showers isn’t enough, you can always encourage a good slide across uncarpeted floors.

Diehard fan or reluctant at best, a piece of officially licensed gear always makes sitting down to watch sports more exciting. And with a pair of NHL licensed mukluk boots, you’ll be ready to cheer on your team, whether at home or the arena. Plus, with plastic soles, these cozy boots are perfect if you need to get a breath of frigid fresh air outside when the game becomes a nail-bitter.

The absolute best reason to pick up a pair of mukluk slippers, though? Snuggle sessions! These slippers can make every manic Monday night and slow Sunday morning feel extra special with their Fair Isle-inspired designs, crew sock-like lengths, and faux fur-lined luxury. So, whether you're trying to decompress after a long workday or make your weekend as peaceful as possible, grab a pair of mukluks to wrap your feet in comfort.

From protecting your piggies from frosty pins and needles to gifting a loved one with something useful but fun, mukluk slippers are a shoo-in! Keep toes warm and soles clean when you shop our selection!