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Aliens, clowns, and Power Rangers come to life with our selection of morphsuits! From solid color suits that are as versatile as they come to favorite characters, this selection has you covered. Literally! And with sizes for children and adults, the whole family can go head to toe with their Halloween costume ideas!
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Power Rangers: Blue Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: Black Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: Red Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: Yellow Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: Pink Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: White Ranger Morphsuit
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Power Rangers: Green Ranger Morphsuit
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Jamaican Team Bobsled Prop
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Products 1 - 9 of 9

Morphsuit costumes aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re not any more dangerous than traditional costumes, but they do pose a whole slew of questions to consider before slipping into one. For instance, do you want to have shadowy vision all night? You might. That slightly obstructed view could easily up the spookiness factor on Halloween. Other questions to ask yourself include:  do I want to show off my figure? Will this terrify everyone, myself even? However you answer these questions and the others zooming around in your mind when it’s time to suit up, we’ve got the morphsuit you’re looking for!

Convinced you want to give it a try, but not sure which suit to start with? We can help! Continue reading for a short guide on all our selection has to offer. If you know precisely why you’re here and which full-body jumpsuit you want to wear, go grab it! And enjoy your Halloween mischief-making!

Some Halloween costumes just don’t work if they’re bulky. Too many pieces or an overabundance of plush material can take away from the streamlined look of, say, a superhero. Spider-Man, Deadpool, and the Pink Power Ranger all need some flexibility in their costumes. A morphsuit accomplishes that with ease! Like a second skin, these head-to-toe looks hug the body but remain stretchy for easy movement. So, whether you’re practicing some web-slinging or tumbling through the air to kick Rita Repulsa out of this world, a morphsuit can be the right way to go!

There’s something genuinely terrifying about not being able to see who is under a Halloween mask. It’s even creepier when their entire body is covered. Not a hint of skin or eyes can be seen from beneath a morphsuit. Whether you pull on an alien morphsuit or morph into a glowing skeleton, there’s an extra scary factor going into your look. In fact, you could stick to a plain blue morphsuit and still frighten a few friends.

However, our solid-colored morphsuits are ready to take any costume idea to the next level! Of course, you can wear the traditional black morphsuit and blend in with the shadows—everyone is already entirely freaked out by the idea that someone is lurking in the shadows anyway. But wouldn’t it be more fun to wear a robot printed morphsuit under any of your favorite clothing? You’d become the android next door that either delights or scares the local pets. We love it!

Whether you want to be the most spirited person at the pep rally wearing all-over blue or green to match your school colors, or you’re hoping to inspire a few nightmares on Halloween, our selection of morphsuits can help! Transform from regular Joe to carnival Joe with these simple and versatile bodysuit costumes!