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Is your kiddo a part of the Minecraft generation? As far as video games go, Minecraft has a ton of benefits. It’s great for creativity, critical thinking skills, and cooperation. So, we’re not surprised at all when kids would like to take some of the action off the screen. And, of course, we’ve got the way to do that right here. Our Minecraft toys for kids are officially licensed and they make great gifts for young block builders!
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Minecraft Nano Metal Figs 20-Pack Wave 2
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Our selection of Minecraft toys is sure to impress any kiddo who has spent a few hours crafting in the Minecraft world. There’s virtually no limit to the possibilities in the game, and there’s no limit to the fun that can be had at home with some of our Minecraft gear!

We have a wide selection of Minecraft mini figures from Mattel. These Minecraft figures are a ton of fun, and they come in 3 packs so they’re super collectible. They do, of course, cover all the most popular characters and animals from the video game franchise, so your kiddo will have no trouble recreating the action and building their own tabletop scene. That’s sure to be a ton of fun! There’s also regular sized action figures, like the Minecraft Steve action figure. This 5” figure is articulated at hips, shoulders, and neck for creative play. It even comes with a pickaxe for playtime crafting. Officially licensed it’s recommended for kids age 6 and up.

Kids of any age are sure to love our plush toys, too. The various animals depicted in the game are a big part of the Minecraft world, so you can bet that we have the entire selection available in plush form! Be it a horse, polar bear, chicken, pig, or ocelot, we have them each as a perfect plush. Our selection of Minecraft plush toys comes from Jinx Apparel, and they’re super collectible. They’re constructed with 100% polyester fleece, and are soft and totally huggable. Except maybe for the Zombie Plush or Creeper Plush. Those are perhaps a little frightening!

When it’s time for active play, we have some of the tools of the trade form the Minecraft world, too! Our Minecraft Sword and Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow are made of plastic and foam, and they’re fun for role-playing in the living room. If we’ve learned anything from watching kid’s playing this game, it’s that the world of Minecraft is one crazy place.  But, with our selection of toys and accessories, we have an awesome to bring a love of the video game into real life. Start them out with an action figure, plushies, or even a Minecraft Creeper, and they’ll be set up for hours and hours of fun and imaginative play.

Minecraft Character Toys

There’s something amazing about setting out on a grand adventure. Perhaps you’re a pair of hobbits trying to save the world while hiding from the would-be Lord of the Rings. Maybe instead you are soaring among the stars, trying to decide if you’re better suited for Star Wars or Star Trek! Still, there are plenty of discoveries to be found here on Earth. Explore the hidden world of the jungle or dive deep to visit some deep-sea creatures. Then again, there are the adventures of the mind, too. Create any tale you’d like to tell while building up something with your LEGO. (Just make sure you can outlast the zombie invasions.)

Wait, what!? Of course, there’s only one place where you can have all these things in one! Any gamer out there knows about the majesty of Minecraft and the limitless worlds that can be created. Of course, you can’t always log in to your favorite game. Sometimes you want to bring it out of the screen and invite the fun into your home! That’s why we’re happy to offer all the Minecraft fun we can muster with our collection of Minecraft toys for kids and adults. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find Minecraft toys that’ll help me tell a new tale?” — look no further than this list of great Minecraft gift ideas!

When you’re wandering alone in the wilderness of Minecraft, it can be hard to remember that there are a ton of characters out there. You aren’t just picking up every block of mineral out there and tossing it into your backpack, because you’re not alone—especially if you’re in multiplayer mode! (Sure, it might not be quite like folks dropping out of the sky from Fortnite, but those Endermen and Villagers have a few things to say, too!) So, the first step in giving life to Minecraft madness in the real world is playing with the iconic denizens of the Minecraft universe with action figures!

Minecraft Mini Figures

Minecraft Mini Figures

With so many creatures, critters, and characters that you’ll encounter while wandering the Minecraft world, how is anyone to keep track of who is who!? Well, when you offer up a collection of Minecraft Nano Metal Figs, it is easy to help remember who is a friend and who is just looking to make a mess of everything you’ve built!

Steve Figure

Minecraft Steve Toy

It’s not always easy to remember that there is a main character mining around the world, especially when he’s usually so busy fending off foes. But when you let your tykes get to know Minecraft Steve with an adorable figurine, it’s suddenly easier to want to keep him safe. Remember: an apple a day keeps the zombies away!

Creeper Toy

Minecraft Creeper Toy

If it is a good idea to know your heroes, it’s just as important to know what that strange hissing noise may be. The Creepers are those green beasties who seem to be made of explosive intent. Why do they love blowing up your buildings? Well, we can’t be sure. But when you get to know them with a set of Creeper figurines, you might understand.

Minecraft Plush Toys

In a world of blocky boxes that may as well be a LEGO land of sharp edges, someone can really be wanting something snuggly. Heck, even the sheep make their wool look tough and rugged. Even if you’ve got the best bedspread out there, a blocky buddy just isn’t going to stand up to the conventional teddy bear. Fortunately, we’ve discovered an unexpected crafting altar in the midst of the Minecraft world. This rare one knows how to round those edges just a bit and make everything fluffy, whether you’re in the gamer world or even looking for company in a costume! If you are looking to see Minecraft from a whole new perspective, it’s time to bring in the fun of our Minecraft stuffed toys. Collect them all and be sure that any toy box is truly complete.

Enderman Toy

Minecraft Enderman Toy

There are several surprising denizens of Minecraft. Some look like they’re definitely going to be trouble and end up being pretty delightful… so long as you are nice, too. Such is the case of the mysterious Endermen. Dwelling in all the strange dimensions of the Minecraft world, they sure look spooky but it turns out that a few of them are quite snuggly, too!

Minecraft Zombie

Minecraft Zombie Toy

There has been a lot of debate about whether or not you can actually befriend the undead. After dozens of movies where they are out for your brains, we finally found a few that suggest that there might be more to our life-deprived, boney or gooey friends. Of course, when you have a stuffed skeleton from Minecraft, you’ve got something adorably soft instead!

Minecraft Toy Sets

Whether you’re adventuring and discovering the secrets of the Ender Dragon or hunting down all the diamonds to craft your very first suit of amazing armor, there’s one thing that nobody can deny about Minecraft. It’s all about the building! Finding the right blocks to set up a stylish shelter or booting into a creative mode so you can create a castle worthy of Hogwarts or a dungeon that even Link would struggle to navigate is the name of the game! So, when you are ready to bring Minecraft into your own home, there’s no better way to do so than with our collection of Minecraft sets. No mining around is necessary because we’ve gathered the best blocks right here!

Minecraft Toy LEGO Sets

Minecraft Toy LEGO Sets

Building sets and LEGO go hand in hand. So, it is only natural that Minecraft LEGO Sets are here to give you all the fun right at home. Let the kiddos pile everything together with their favorite Bricks or give in to your kid-at-heart when you craft a complete scene all on your own. We have plenty of new Minecraft toys from LEGO to keep the fun going for years.

Minecraft Scene Sets

Minecraft Scene Sets

Even Minecraft Steve needs to take a day off from the building from time to time. Turns out that he has his own version of DLC, too. He just rings up some of his favorite building pals and brings home a complete scenic set so he can focus on the adventure. You can do the same thing when you bring home these Minecraft figure sets to decorate your den!

Minecraft Toy Weapons

If you’re going to be just like your favorite Minecraft characters, it is important to make sure you’re fully equipped for your adventures. Sometimes that means picking up a quality Minecraft bow and arrow toy to keep those monsters at a distance. But, more often than not, you’re really looking for the quality gear that helps you explore all over the world! That means finding the right toy weapons to fight off the baddies while also gathering up all the materials you need to build something amazing. (Of course, these can also help make any Minecraft costume complete, so that’s blasting two Creepers with one click!)

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword Toy

You can’t get too far in the world of Minecraft without a trusty blade at your side. The only real question is what kind of style you want to go with when you’re gearing up with Minecraft accessories! A wooden blade is a trusty standard. The diamond sword, of course, is a favorite. But everyone knows the enchanted sword is the way to go!

Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Pickaxe Toy

The name of the game in collecting the rarest materials in Minecraft is durability. That means the diamond pickaxe is the only option! Of course, that has its own issue. How do you gather diamonds for your ultimate pickaxe if you don’t have a great pick to mine them in the first place!? Your answer is one click away and your prize is really shiny!