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Products 1 - 5 of 5

Barbie Dolls

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls have come a long way since first hitting the market in 1959. A classic symbol of childhood playtime, they're still as popular today as ever. The Mattel toy line offers an ever-growing selection of characters and scenarios that appeal to children of all ages. And, no matter which character you choose to buy, you can be sure a Barbie doll will be a toy that will delight kids with its stylish outfit and accessories.

For some top-selling options, take a look at the Big City Dreams Barbie and Brooklyn dolls for characters that totally know how to rock out. The Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll is a great choice for a colorful and glamorous Barbie. And the Barbie with Wheelchair Doll will let kids wheel Barbie around town to explore the city in style!

Barbie Playsets

Barbie Playsets

Mattel has been busy crafting an awesome selection of scenes and scenarios for Barbie doll roleplaying along with all of the new characters and friends in the Barbie universe. These playsets offer a lot more variety than a classic doll house, but we sell those too if you want a Barbie doll house!

Start your shopping by taking a look at the Barbie Doll and Pool Playset so kids can help Barbie and friends take a refreshing dip. The Skipper Babysitters Club Set offers babysitting roleplay with a playground and toddler figure included, while the Pet Supply Store Playset will let them help Barbie stock up on goodies for her pooch. And, for high-speed fun, kids will love helping Barbie take a spin around the lake with the Barbie Boat Playset!

WWE Mattel Toys

WWE Toys

Mattel teamed up with WWE in the 2010s to bring the action of the squared circle into the homes of fans with its WWE Elite Collection action figure line. These amazing toys have everything serious collectors look for. That means they have lifelike facial sculpting, a superstar 6" scale, incredible articulation, fabric clothing pieces, and essential accessories!

The series includes the most iconic wrestlers from every era of professional wrestling. Lifelong Hulkamaniacs will want to grab the Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan that includes a shiny championship belt. The Undertaker Greatest Hits Figure lets fans bring "The Deadman" home. The Jake the Snake toy includes—you guessed it—a python accessory, while the John Cena Figure lets you celebrate the hero with a figure inspired by his shocking return to the ring in 2021.

Mattel He-Man Toys

He-Man Toys

Going retro has been the in-thing for the 2010s and 2020s, and Mattel has brought back some true icons with their Master of the Universe Origins toy line. These epic toys are based on the original He-Man figures from the 1980s but have a big-time update with added articulation. That means they can be posed just like newer action figures. The series even features the tagline "Modern Posing, Retro Play!"

The throwback styling is seriously strong with these toys, as the blister packs feature vintage artwork along with all-new mini-comics. Take a look at the Flying Fists He-Man for a figure that really packs a punch against Skeletor. There's a wide range of characters featured in the lineup, so you can even add more heroes like Sorceress and Fisto to give He-Man a little extra help!