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Mary Poppins Costumes

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Bring the magic of your favorite Disney musical to life with Mary Poppins costumes from our selection! In Mary’s classic dress or Bert’s signature uniform, you’ll be ready to step in time to your next costume party. And with costumes and accessories for adults and children, you can get the whole family looking supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
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Mary Poppins Bert Jacket Costume
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Men's Mary Poppins Bert Costume
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Girl's Mary Poppins Costume
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Disney Toddler Mary Poppins Costume
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Toddler Mary Poppins Bert Costume
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Plus Size Mary Poppins Bert Men's Costume
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Kids Chimney Sweep Costume
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Mary Poppins Infant Costume
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Sale - 17% Exclusive
Men's Chimney Sweep Costume
Sale - 11%
Women's Singing Nanny Costume
Sale - 25%
Chimney Sweeper Accessory
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Products 1 - 23 of 23

From the characters to the music, you remember everything about Mary Poppins being charming. Even as you arrived on this page, the lyrics to your favorite songs filled your mind with fantasies of becoming Mary. So, welcome to the place where you can make it happen! Like strolling into a chalk drawing or diving into the depths of your bubble bath, our selection of Mary Poppins costumes are the whimsical options that bring the magic to life.

Love the idea but not sure how to put your Mary Poppins Halloween together? Please continue reading to learn some of our Mary Poppins costume ideas!

Like the characters were, a Mary and Bert couple’s costume is sure to be an instant classic. Step in time together with the options you find here. In Mary’s iconic white dress, you’ll be ready to stroll down a gorgeous country lane on any jolly holiday. Or as Bert in that well-worn chimney sweep outfit, you’re sure to feel like dancing on every rooftop.

Get the kids in on the fun with matching costumes that are just their size! Is your kiddo all about having fun but knows the difference between mischief and play? Grab the girl’s nanny costume that suits their personality best. Or let them put together an outfit that’s practically perfect in every way and polish it off with Mary Poppins accessories! In their favorite clothes but with Mary’s signature hat and scarf, your child is sure to dream up even more exciting adventures for Mary and her wards.

Want to stick to the script you grew up loving? Be sure to grab our officially licensed Disney costume options. An all-inclusive licensed look is sure to help you make the most of your time as Mary or Bert! However, if you’re looking to expand the story or wander off in directions you’re sure Mary would still approve of, our Poppins-inspired options are here to please! Put a twist on Mary’s signature dress or bring the character into another world filled with Disney characters available in our other exciting selections.

Whether you find yourself in charge of your own Jane and Michael, or you’re in need of a costume that’s as timeless as they come, our Mary Poppins costumes are ready to help you live the life you want to lead! Look well-polished for a trip to the bank or relaxed and happy for a day spent watching a merry-go-round horse race. No matter where your imagination takes you, with a Mary Poppins costume, you’ll find yourself ready to fly a kite, laugh on a ceiling, or even just feed the birds like your favorite character once did!