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Marvel Funko POP! Figures

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Epic action, spine-chilling terror, heart-breaking drama, and hilarious shenanigans; all things you can enjoy in a Marvel comic or movie and with a collection of Marvel Funko POP! figures. Celebrate iconic moments, alternate universes, and holly-jolly seasonal remixes of your favorite characters when you shop our collection. From the cutest baby Groot to Iron Man’s inevitable win, our selection has it all!
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POP Marvel Holiday She-Hulk
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Pop! Marvel: Holiday- Deadpool
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Pop! Marvel: Holiday- Captain America
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POP Marvel: Holiday- Gingerbread Hulk
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Products 1 - 17 of 17

If you think about it, Marvel lends itself perfectly to Funko POP! figures. Through all the drama and action, there’s still some humor and a lot of charm. And if Funko POP! is anything, it’s charming and, at times, hilarious!

In our selection of Marvel Funko POP! figures, you’ll find everything you need to start or continue your epic journey with your favorite characters. Or, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Marvel-obsessed friend, these darling collectibles have you covered—some are even “gift-wrapped.”

Not entirely sure where to begin? Keep reading to learn a bit more about all we have to offer!

Spider-Man got you caught in his web? You’re sure to find something you’ll love in this expanded universe. From Peter Parker in his very first appearance to his Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Endgame, you can put together your very own Spider-verse. Just don’t forget infamous villains like Green Goblin or Mysterio.

Looking for something that’ll reach out and grab you? Break more than the fourth wall with Deadpool figures! This selection helps you celebrate every side of Deadpool. Hot and spicy, caring enough to make a holiday dinner, or feeling himself as king of the monsters, there’s a figure for every Deadpool fan. Be sure to help keep his eternal flame burning with help from friends and X-Men though.

Speaking of which, if you’re feeling the team spirit, we’ve got the Funko super crew for you too! X-Men, Guardians, Fantastic 4, even those scrappy Avengers that we’ve heard mention of are just waiting for their next assignment! Call ‘em up and get your collection looking more than super! Iron Man and Cap would love to duke it out again. Give them something better to argue about with a Thanos figure placed right between them. Or introduce Venom to the whole crew! We’re sure he’ll enjoy getting mixed up in all their unique personalities—actually, we’ve seen it, and it’s pretty neat! With our selection you can create or recreate all the dream teams Marvel is known for.

As a fan of Marvel movies or comics, you’ve seen how dark the stories can get. But there’s always a quip or gag along the way that gets you through to the next scene. With our Marvel Funko POP! selection you can enjoy the lighthearted side of Marvel even after a particularly heavy panel or that all together heart-wrenching moment when your favorites “dusted.” And whether it’s a cameo from Stan Lee or the sassy “I aM gRoOt” moments that keep you coming back for more, we can’t wait to help you bring the fun to your collection!