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We hear that you have an Unbirthday coming up. What a FUN time!? Fortunately, there is one fantastic way to celebrate and one Wonderland wonder who is eager to help out! From Lewis Caroll to Tim Burton. From Disney to the Looking Glass and beyond, it's Tea Time! Grab a Mad Hatter costume and start your story. Better yet, grab a unique Mad Hatter costume for each member of the family for a truly mad time!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

The Mad Hatter is the kind of character who keeps popping up wherever you look. He's a weird sort of guy, captivated by tea parties, wild rabbits, and curious guests. But even bigger than that is his sense of style! Bright colors, huge jackets, and even bigger hats give this guy an image that gets reinvented every decade. How is anyone to keep up with that kind of sartorial style? Well, maybe that's harder said than done, but our costume designers are always on the very top of that top hat. 

But, "Who is the Hatter?" you might be asking. He started his lofty career as a character in Lewis Caroll's 1865 book where he was in an eternal Tea Party after dodging the Queen of Hearts and her brutal sentence. He asked, "Why was a raven like a writing desk?" though it became a riddle without an answer, driving everyone just as batty as he! You'd think his tale would end there, but the Hatter has been reimagined time and time again. He's been a Batman villain, a Futurama robot, a magical hat-maker once upon a time, and was even rumored to be the father of a certain Neverland captain! It is no wonder that we have so many different styles of Hatter in our big and bountiful world. 

Now you, too, can take your pick of Mad Hatter costumes when you scroll through our epic category. Guys can start out with the classic Mad Hatter costume. You'll find a huge hat with the numerals 10/6 on the front. (Is that the date of Mad Hatter's day or the price of his amazing hats? We can't be sure either way, but we're sure to keep it authentic anyway!) The gals will be able to get in on the fun, too. We have Mad Hatter costumes for women in every shape and style as well. Twirl around with a skirt or strut your stuff in a pair of matching slacks. Either way, it's Tea Time for you, too! 

We have kid's Mad Hatter costumes, too! Say your tyke has a penchant for purple or pink? You'll find some perfectly pastel Mad Hatter costumes that are sure to make them smile. Maybe they are keen on going extra with their Hatter fun. Well, Tim Burton's unique interpretation of the Hatter is right here, too. Hop into the Looking Glass, fight off a Bandersnatch, and still spin that hat to the timing of the Futterwack when you and yours are dressed in a Tim Burton Mad Hatter costume for the whole family! 

Now, hurry hurry before the White Rabbit pushes you along. Find your Mad Hatter costume and get ready for some serious fun!