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LOL! Surprise Gifts

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There’s nothing quite as exciting as opening a box and finding a surprise inside! When you shop our selection of LOL! Surprise gifts, you’ll treat your kid to a present that’s meant to amaze! We offer everything from LOL! Surprise toys and accessories that your little one will recognize immediately to LOL! Surprise dolls with hidden identities. No matter what you choose, your kid will love unwrapping each surprise!
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Girls Fun LOL Coat Sleep Set
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Girls LOL Surprise Work it Out Dorm Nightgown
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Girls LOL Surprise Pink Hoodie
Clearance  - 75%
3 Piece Girls LOL Surprise Totally Rad Sleep Set
Clearance  - 65%
Products 1 - 6 of 6

Color! Mystery! Fashion! What else could you ask for when it comes to finding an exciting gift? LOL! Surprise keeps kids and adults alike guessing. Unzip the secrets, and try to guess who's hiding in your globe as you unbag each accessory. Using the series chart that shows all the dolls' identities, you can start making your guesses as you unwrap the doll's bottle, headband, shoes, and finally her outfit. If kids haven't yet guessed the doll that's waiting within, they'll soon find out! The last piece in the middle of the ball is a sweet figurine that can latch onto the top of the ball for display. Her hands can hold her bottle while the one-piece outfit simply folds over her outfit, making dressing the doll easy for grade school kids. 

Now, Lol! Surprise toys don't stop with the Lol! Surprise Dolls! Oh no, kids can dive deeper with the pets. Each animal comes with accessories so that your kiddo can play with their new funky pet for hours and you'll get a break from them begging to get a puppy! 

Do you want the Lol! Surprise unboxing experience to be a little more challenging? No problem! Junior Detectives will enjoy the Under Wraps doll. They'll spend time breaking codes with the tiny spyglass and using the dials to unlock each doll accessory as well as their new doll!

For kids that are looking for more of a variety from their Lol! Surprise gifts, consider thinking outside the box... or should we say ball? Gifts are varied from a glow in the dark scrapbook to bags and even a pajama set. Any kid with a matching sleep set and duffle will be slumber party-ready, for sure!

Want to know a secret? You can always find a reason to give a Lol! doll. For instance, if your kiddo got A's all semester, gifting her with a cool LOL! bow headband to wear on the last day of school is a great surprise reward. Or if your little one is feeling down after her breaking her ankle while ice skating, a new LOL! Pet will make a great little companion while she recovers. The bright colors and perky attitudes of these little dolls can brighten anyone's day, and while your kiddo is looking through her collection, she just might think about how nice it was that you got her another little surprise when she had worked hard or was feeling down!

LOL! Surprise items are bright, colorful, and unpredictable. You never know who will come out of that globe. Whether you choose to gift the lovely shining Bling series or you want something a little more interactive and choose the hair goals doll, these are the presents that never stop unwrapping! Each little doll has his or her own personality with sassy outfits, funny names, and plenty of attitudes, these are the toys that kids will look back on in their twenties to discuss their collection with their friends. Because LOL! Surprise dolls never fail to keep 'em on their toes!