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The Lion King was released in 1994 and has been a Disney fan favorite ever since. For those who love The Lion King as much as we do, we have the perfect gifts! From hoodies to mugs, check our large selection of Lion King gifts!
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Looking for a gift suited for a king? Disney enthusiasts will love receiving a present that reflects their love for The Lion King, and luckily we have gifts that are great for all ages. Young fans of Simba would enjoy a Simba Pillow Pet or backpack, while older and more serious collectors can collect all of The Lion King themed POP! vinyls from Funko. Pumbaa, Rafiki, and Timon can all be a part of your collection. Ladies who love the classic tale of Simba and Nala's love will have fun wearing our fashionable Lion King tees and pullover sweatshirts. In a continuation of the beloved film, Disney created the animated series The Lion Guard which brought us new characters like Kion, Simba's son, and his best friend Bunga. We have costumes, pillows, and kids clothing all featuring The Lion King and The Lion Guard. Of course, we can't forget about the live-action adaptation of The Lion King. We're excited to be welcoming back James Earl Jones as the voice of Mufasa; and adding many new voices for the rest of the characters including Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Keegan-Michael Key, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Eric André, John Oliver, John Kani, and many more. We're almost positive it'll be just as tear-jerking as the original film. Give one of these gifts to a Lion King fan that you know and say the words, "Hakuna Matata!"

Lion King Costumes

Lion King is full of awesome characters. From the wise and strong Mufasa to the sassy and overworked Zazu. It’s no wonder that people have been in search of The Lion King Halloween costumes that they dreamed up when they were kids for literal decades now. ‘Cause remember costumes in the nineties? They were basically a plastic bag paired with an uncomfortable plastic mask. Yeah, we can do better these days! Scroll on through and check out the selection. 90s era, you would be pumped!

Kion Costume

Toddler Lion Costume

When your kid is all about Lion Guard, this costume will make your kid love those Lion King games more than ever. You know those games. Leaping at unseen prey. Trying to herd the gazelles of the Pridelands. Most kids would agree that playing pretend is the best game out there! And Lion Guard sets up rainy day indoor adventures just perfectly. Kion gets into all sorts of adventures so you never know what your little lion might get into! From bouncing from couch to chair while pretending to avoid quicksand to proudly napping in the sun after a long day of protecting the pride from hyenas, this Kion costume is sure to see plenty of action!

Lion Guard Costumes

Lion Guard Costumes

Any kid who loves this new generation of Lion King heroes is sure to be excited to have an opportunity to dress up as their favorite big cat...or honey badger. The Fuli costume will make any kiddo want to leap and pounce like a leopard while the sweet little Bunga costume is sure to give even a toddler the confidence of a proud honey badger. Sounds like a great combination to us!

Lion King Toys

Lion King toys have come a long way from the time that we were getting them for free with kid’s meals. Although, there are some similarities. We were excited to get our toys back in the day and we’re just as excited today. In the nineties, we prized our Lion King toys and today we display our toys with the same amount of pride (if not more) than back in the day. Which makes sense, because the Pop figures shown below are adorable while also indulge a craving for nineties nostalgia in the perfect way!

Mufasa Funko POP!

Lion King POP! Vinyl

Mufasa is the full package. He’s handsome. He’s got friends. He’s a great dad and a great leader. Basically, this kingly lion is a great role model. We love the way he sees his kingdom, respects the creatures around him, and prepares his son to take the reins when he’s gone. If you could use a proud, majestic force like Mufasa in your life then this Pop Vinyl Mufasa lion king figure is perfect for your collection. Other than looking to the stars for advice, this Mufasa figure is the best way to get a little royal cat wisdom in your life.

Funko POP! Simba

Funko POP! Simba

Little baby Simba. He’s so curious, so mischievous. We all could use some Simba energy in our day-to-day. Strike up the Lion King soundtrack because this Simba POP! vinyl figure will be the ultimate nineties addition to your collection!

Nala Funko POP!

Funko Lion King

Nala was tough yet practical from the very beginning. She called out Simba’s bad ideas as soon as he wanted to head out to the elephant graveyard. And when she was going head to head with a hyena, she didn’t hesitate to strike out in self-defense. It makes sense that she’d head out to find help during Scar’s regime when she’s all grown up. Display this Nala POP! vinyl figure along with Simba and you can imagine the two having more adventures without all the Hyena drama.

Rafiki and Simba Funko POP!

Rafiki and Simba Funko POP!

There are so many wise characters in The Lion King. But the one who should get the credit for changing the fate of the kingdom, well, that’s Rafiki. He knows how to wield a stick and words of wisdom effectively. Thank goodness because otherwise Simba might have turned his back on the pride for good! Just remember to be true to yourself when this Rafiki POP! vinyl is around or he might be tempted to take a swing with his medicine stick!

Lion King Funko POP! Vinyls

Lion King Funko POP! Vinyls

Don’t you think there are some characters that are simply meant to be together? Timon and Pumbaa make an obvious pair, but you add Zazu to the mix and all the sudden you’ve got the perfect sassy straight man. It’s a comedy trio made in plotline heaven! You can quote all your favorite parts of the Lion King while gazing at these three. The Timon luau figure makes us want to sing, “He’s a big pig. You can be a big pig too, oi!”. While we just want to pick up the Pumbaa POP! Vinyl and let him know that he’s so much more than bait to us. And the Zazu figurine, well he’s hilarious in his own dry way but we bet he’s got some good advice lingering in that birdie head of his somewhere!

Lion King Plush Toys

Maybe when you were a kid you had all the Lion King toys. Maybe you didn’t have enough and gazed longingly at all the Simba and Nala goods out there. Whether you’re recreating the plush Lion King collection that you had when you were little, giving a gift to the little ones in your life, or you’re collecting the Lion King toys that you never had in your youth, you’ll love the collection displayed below.

Simba Pillow Pet

Simba Pillow Pet

This sweet, adorable plush is the perfect addition to any kid’s room. Kids can cuddle Simba on stormy nights or prop him under their back when watching the original Lion King. With support, cozy fur, and happy features, the Simba pillow buddy will be a favorite stuffed animal for years to come!

Lion King T-Shirts for Men

Some might think that the circle of life is all about the cycle of life and death. Like the lion fueling the grass that the antelope eat and the lions eating the antelope and so on and so on. Now, that might be so but we’re here to recognize the other circle...the circle of Disney. This happens when you are obsessed with The Lion King at a young age, think you’ve grown out of it, and get right back on The Lion King train after high school. We all go through the circle of Disney so why not celebrate it with these bright and cheerful Lion King t-shirts! If you embrace the circle of Disney, they’ll be a staple of your wardrobe year after year!

Men’s Simba T-Shirt

Lion King T-Shirt

There’s no question that Simba knows how handsome he is on this t-shirt! His eyebrows are cocked, his ears are perked, he’s waiting for the next adventure to come along. So, it would make sense that you’d feel as confident as this princely cat when you’re rocking this Lion King tee. It’s about time people recognize that you’re in line for the throne.

Men’s Lion King Shirt

Men’s Lion King Shirt

Is there anything more majestic than a lion standing proud in front of a sunset? Our opinion a strong “no”. This retro flair t-shirt shows Simba all grown up standing proud in front of a multi-tone sunrise. Throw this tee on whenever you need a little more majesty in your life. Why else would you represent the king?

Lion King Shirts for Women

If you’re the type of person who always turns to the nineties Disney soundtracks when you need a boost of energy, you should have some Lion King gear to ramp up your day-to-day vibe. These looks might be the one thing that tips the scales and forces you to break out into song. Which isn’t bad news, since we could all use more impromptu Disney songs in our lives. You can even bring that African savanna vibe into your winter wardrobe. Pick out a Lion King hoodie so that one can miss your laid-back vibe even when it’s snowing outside. And in all honesty, when people see you rocking these looks, they might just sing along with you!

Women’s Simba Tank Top

Lion King Tank Top

While the back of this Simba tank might be detailed in sweet lace, the front features Simba in full-on mischief mode. That fact makes this top the perfect addition to any Disney fan’s wardrobe. That’s why this tank makes a great Lion King gift for fans that want a feminine touch to their look. Pair it with simple jeans or dress it up and wear it with a skirt. Just make sure you’re comfortable enough to get into a little trouble. After all, you got to make little lion cub Simba proud!

Women’s Hakuna Matata Tank Top

Hakuna Matata Shirt

Want to live that laid-back jungle hang-out lifestyle? Do you like eating bugs that taste like chicken? Well, that second one doesn’t have to be true to enjoy this tank top. This high low tunic will become a staple in both workout and lazy activities. Whether you’re stalking bugs on the jungle floor or you spend your time canon balling into a crystal-clear waterfall-fed pond, this tank will keep you cool both physically and socially. Just slip it on and everything about your look will say, “Hakuna Matata”!

Lion King Shirts for Kids

Want your little one to live the Hakuna Matata lifestyle? It happens naturally for kiddos. But if you want to capture their personality in photos for the future then fun and colorful Lion King apparel will help that happen. Lion Guard looks are sure to be a summertime favorite for romping around in a way that would make any lion cub proud.

Lion Guard Tee and Shorts Set

Lion Guard Shirt and Shorts

Who knew Kion would look so good with plaid? Well, whoever put together this outfit might have had a clue. This modern Kion outfit is a hit. The shirt has a color block along the shoulders. Kion’s face is up front to celebrate your kid’s love of Lion Guard. The oversized t-shirt matches the plaid perfectly and is sure to be a favorite summer outfit.

Lion Guard Kion Shirt and Shorts Set

Lion Guard Clothes

This Lion Guard outfit is bright and cheerful! The orange polo is decorated with a pouncing Kion with a hint of a mane. The sewn-on lion head on one side ties into the plaid shorts that come with the polo. With a collar and structured shorts, the outfit is dressy enough to be worn on a hot day at school and comfortable enough to be worn during playtime as well. Basically, putting on this outfit means no worries!