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Products 1 - 5 of 5

JADA Toys company was born from a love of diecast model cars. A step above the competition, their level of detail was designed for serious collectors, and now they've gone beyond the four wheels to bring you some of your favorite franchise characters into die cast metal!

With your favorite licenses like DC and Marvel comics and TMNT, we have Jada original diecast figures that will add another level of coolness to your collection. These unique figures will let you get all of your favorite characters in metal! We also have some of the hottest RC car sets from Jada, and with licenses like Fast and Furious and Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, we're sure to have the right set for any fan!

Fast and Furious Jada Toys

Our Fast and Furious RC cars are perfect for parents with children who are craving exciting play. Because these cars from Jada Toys inject a serious dose of adrenaline into traditional remote-controlled fun! They're fast, have plenty of range, and are packed full of features that will wow little racers. So, put the pedal to the metal and take your kids on a racing adventure with any of the Fast & Furious remote control cars we sell.

Fast and Furious JADA Toys

Whether they're into drag racing or the stunts they've seen in the Fast and Furious movies, the fast-paced thrills can come home thanks to these Fast and Furious toy cars. Our selection includes iconic models such as Dom's Dodge Charger, Han's Mazda RX-7, and the epic 4x4 Jeep Gladiator. Your kids will be floored by the turbo boost speed of each car – and the Mazda RX-7 toy even has a power slide for real drifting action!

The designers at Jada have taken care of every detail on these Fast & Furious toys — look closely, and you'll see each car has unique styling, just like in the movie! Each vehicle features a controller, 100 feet of range, and a USB rechargeable battery. That means when it finally runs out of juice, the car can be plugged into any USB port for easy recharge. And each controller simply needs 2 AA batteries to provide hours of playtime.

Jada Toy Cars

Are you looking for a fresh addition to your collection? Look no further than diecast Jada toy cars! These 1:24 and 1:32 scale replica cars feature designs inspired by popular movies and franchises. Each diecast car features incredible detail, making them stand out from everyday toys. And you can place these vehicles alongside model scenery or display them right in the box since every car comes in window packaging with a colorful exterior!

Batman JADA Toy Car

Some of the best-diecast toy cars to buy feature DC Comics characters. Take immersive action to a new level with The Batman 2022 Set – a must-have addition to any Batman collection. It comes with the Batmobile from the hit movie and includes a Batman figure to set up the ultimate Bat Cave scene. If you'd like something slightly more criminal, the Harley Quinn 1969 Chevy Corvette Stingray features a comic-inspired paint job and a Harley Quinn figure for villainous fun!

Disney Jada Toys

While racing RC-controlled cars is usually an activity for pre-teens, little kids can get a taste of the fun thanks to the Disney cars available from Jada Toys. These RC racers are simplified, and feature controllers designed for ages three and up. And, naturally, they feature favorite Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. That means your preschooler can bring some of the most beloved cartoon friends into any room!

Disney JADA Toys

Your little ones can let their imaginations run wild and drive around in style with these adorable Disney RC cars from Jada Toys. Some of the top options we offer are the Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer and Minnie Mouse RC Scooter. Both come in bright, eye-catching colors that will make your child's day even more magical! With easy-to-use controls, little drivers can easily maneuver and zigzag around the room in style.

Jada Nano Metalfigs

If you love minifigs, you need to take a look at the Nano Metalfigs minifigures from Jada Toys! You'll be ready to rock your figure collection with these exciting diecast toys. Each Nano Metalfigs wave set features a 20-pack of figures that feature characters from DC Comics, Marvel, Minecraft, and more. So, just pick your favorite fandom and you'll be able to bolster your collection with uniquely detailed miniatures of your most beloved heroes and villains!

JADA Nano Metalfigs

Each Metalfig minifigure stands at 1.75" tall and is 100% diecast with an attached base. The highly detailed figures are painted with impressive detail that will give an eye-catching presence to any display case or shelf. Whether you're collecting them all or just need to buy a wave set to get miniatures of all your favorite characters, the Jada Toys Nano Metalfigs offer endless possibilities for teens and adult collectors!

Jada Toys Marvel

Marvel Nano Metalfigs are an exciting way to bring the world of Marvel Comics home! Picking up one of these sets will include some of the most impressive comic book heroes of all time. You can pose each miniature in your display or keep them in their original packaging to add real collector's value. Whether you're all about the Guardians of the Galaxy or want to assemble your own Avengers lineup, you'll love all the options available with a Metalfigs wave pack.

Jada Toys Minecraft

A Minecraft Nano Metalfigs Set offers metal figures that are finely crafted and painted to bring the vibrant world of Minecraft to life. With a range of collectible Metalfigs, from villagers and animals to enemies, these Metalfigs pack a punch in both size and detail. Each set also contains an exciting mix of new characters and classic favorites. Perfect for creating awe-inspiring displays, these figures are sure to spark the imaginations of all ages!