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Are you ready for your cozy home to double as a haunted house? Instead of smiles on your guests' faces, would you prefer to hear shrilling shrieks? If so, you came to the right place. We have plenty of horror /scary home and office decor to both delight and send shivers down your spine!
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Forget snuggly and secure, you want a spooky home! 

Is the Addams' family mansion your idea of 'home-goals?' Is Halloween Town the quintessential community of your dreams? Do you feel inspired by all things scary? If so, you came to the right place. We understand your need for all-things-creepy so we have home decor to encourage the macabre lifestyle of your dreams, or should we say nightmare? Walking through your home may feel like a tour of a horror movie set but it's a dream come true for someone who embraces the eerie as you do. Keep calm and scary on, that's what we always say! 

Let's begin with the exterior of your home: the front and backyard. Create a makeshift graveyard with our wide variety of outdoor decor. Keep them up all year round; who cares if the neighbors find it odd! Set the witch coven up right outside your door to create a good scare. These witches look like they're about to take flight. If you're dying for zombie decor, then slowly creep your way to all of our corpse decorations. We have a corpse cocoon which measures approximately 72-inches long, almost as long as a real body. The decoration moves and makes noise when it senses a person is close by. 

Shall we slither into the interior of your home? Filling your kitchen, living room and even bedroom with spooktacular trimmings is simple once you browse this category. First, let's start with the kitchen. It's time to box up and donate all your basic, "mature" glassware and replace them with our wide variety of Nightmare Before Christmas mugs. We have ceramic mugs molded and painted to look like your favorite characters like Jack Skellington and Sally. You'll love sitting down for your morning cup of coffee with bae, drinking from a Jack and Sally mug set. If you're more of a Beetlejuice fan, you're in luck. We have Beetlejuice glass tumblers to make you 'the ghost with the most' with every sip.

Now, let's head into the living room. Hanging horror-movie-themed tin signs to decorate the room where you spend the most amount of time is a great way to show your enthusiasm for classic fictional masked killers like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhis. We even have wall hanger decor featuring bright-colored classic monsters made in the likeness of Dracula and a Werewolf. The living room is also a prime location to showcase your collection of horror-themed figurines. Offset your figurines and tin signs with scary throw pillows featuring skulls and wilted roses or disguised homicidal maniacs like Michael Myers. Don't forget to intensify this scary-cool room with a skeleton or sugar skull LED string lights. Hang them from shelves or around windows, creating a speck of light in your purposefully-grim living room. 

Whatever horror/scary home & office decor you choose, we know you'll create a frightening, yet awesome, home that you'll love stepping into. It's Halloween 24/7 in your home and that's definitely a treat, not a trick!