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Think you are magical enough to get into Hogwarts? We think so too, especially after you expand your Harry Potter collection with these Harry Potter Collectibles. You'll find everything you could possibly hope for in this vast collection filled with Funko figures, Rock Candy statues, and even wand collectibles. Browse this beguiling category and pick out the merchandise that enchants you!
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POP Moments Deluxe Harry Potter Hagrids Hut
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Harry Potter Severus Snape Statue
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Products 1 - 3 of 3

Accio Harry Potter collectibles! All of them!  

You've been a Harry Potter fan for quite some time now. You've read all the books a few times over, and you could basically recite Pottermore word for word. You're a proud Gryffindor because of your upstanding morals and courageous soul, and you're proud of it. You've redecorated your living room after Gryffindor's Common Room and it's commendable. Walking into your home is like walking into a smaller version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding and that's something to celebrate. Rejoice over your magically-stunning dwelling by adding Harry Potter collectibles. Based on your avid fandom and enthusiasm for all things Potter, we can already envision your impressive collection, which is why we're so excited to share our vast selection of Harry Potter collectibles, featuring all your favorite characters, good wizards and bad ones, unusual creatures and enchanted props, you'll find everything you could ever want in this spellbinding category.

You'll love filling shelves with rows of Harry Potter themed Pop! vinyl from Funko. They make every Harry Potter character you could think of; yes, even Yule Ball versions of your favorite characters. Here's a tip: fill one row of the shelf with good witches and wizards and fill another row of the shelf with dark wizards. It's fun seeing the juxtaposition between Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort, and the Dementors with Harry, Hermione and Ron. If you love these figures then be sure to check out the Harry Potter mini collectibles. They're teeny-tiny but they're just as magical as the full-size Funko figures! 

Since you're a serious Harry Potter fan, we urge you to check out our selection of polystone statues. They're a much higher price point, but they're highly-detailed and unbelievably lifelike. The Lord Voldemort and Severus Snape figures are both approximately 8-inches tall and feature accurate representations of each character, clutching their wands, ready for a duel. We recommend setting them by each other, facing one another so they look like they're ready to battle. We recommend this for very serious collectors, such as yourself! 

Since your Harry Potter figure collection is so charming, we urge you to check out all of our Harry Potter villages. You'll find village figurines depicting all types of famous scenes from both the movies and books. One figurine illustrates Hermione and Ron using the infamous Wingardium Leviosa spell, to make Ron's pet, Scabbers, levitate. Another village figurine illustrates Olivander's wand shop, featuring lots of windows that are capable of lighting up and a faux-brick exterior. Collect all the officially licensed village figurines and create your own miniature Hogsmeade! 

In addition to everything mentioned, you'll also find blind boxes, golden snitch props, and diecast wands. Whatever you decide to purchase, a simple figurine or the complete Funko Pop! collection, we would love it if you wrote a review. Better yet, send us a picture of your awesome Potter-themed shelves or office desk. Also, don't forget to give suggestions of Harry Potter collectibles you would like to see us carry!