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Looking for a unique collector's gift? Our Handmade by Robots selection is what you need! Whether shopping for horror fans, Harry Potter enthusiasts, or self-proclaimed members of Mystery Inc., we have a Handmade by Robots vinyl figure to match! Add "preposterously adorable" Ghostface figures to a shelf of scary movie collectibles. Bring Hogwarts home and crack the case of what to gift fans that have it all when you shop with us!
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Handmade by Robots DC Comics Batman Vinyl Figure
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Buzz Lightyear Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure
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Handmade by Robots The Princess Bride Buttercup
Clearance  - 33%
Handmade by Robots Gremlins Stripe Vinyl Figure UPD
Sale - 33%
Sloth Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure
Sale - 15%
Gizmo Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure UPD
Out of Stock
Handmade by Robots Krampus Figure
Out of Stock
Superman Handmade by Robots Vinyl Figure
Products 1 - 47 of 47

Whether shopping for yourself or a fan, finding something new and exciting to add to a collection is a top priority. And sometimes, it may seem like there isn't enough variety to choose from. Especially if you've already built a collection featuring every possible iteration of your favorite characters. But that's when our selection of Handmade by Robots vinyl figures comes to play!

These unique collectibles turn creepy clowns and super sweet smiles into what Handmade by Robots is proud to call preposterously adorable vinyl figures. And we couldn't agree with that statement more!

Each officially licensed vinyl figure turns its subject, whether it's Pennywise or Scooby-Doo, into a tabletop collectible that looks ready to cuddle! How? With intricate detailing that makes the familiar characters look like a knitted plush toy. It's a truly original style that's just the thing for fans of countless franchises!

Our selection offers a curated collection of Handmade by Robots full line. And while limited, we're confident you'll find something that you've gotta get on your shelves!

Build a collection of hauntingly huggable fellows with our available horror movie Handmade by Robots offerings. A little army of Ghostface figures is ready to delight, but Buffalo Bill, Annabelle, and even Carrie are waiting for anyone that likes scary movies!

Prefer something a little more lighthearted? Check out Handmade by Robots' Disney vinyl figures! From Timon and Pumbaa to Winnie the Pooh, these classically cute characters are even more lovable in Handmade by Robots' style! We mean, just look at the Lock, Shock, and Barrel vinyl figure. Those Halloween Town rascals have never looked sweeter!

But the fun doesn't stop there! The Gremlins, DC superheroes, and Buddy the Elf bring more to the table, including a whole group of friends!

Reinvigorate a love for 80's films with Princess Bride Handmade by Robots figures to nestle next to a Gizmo vinyl figure or the Goonies' Sloth. Keep the magic alive for you and fellow Potterheads with Handmade by Robots Harry Potter collectibles, including Hedwig, Harry, and Buckbeak. Or cross spooky kookiness off your list with Addams Family vinyl figures!

From Krampus to Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Handmade by Robots vinyl figures bring a ton of fun to any collection. Show your love for a fandom and for the sweet nostalgia of a thoughtful, handmade gift when you explore everything we have to offer! Didn't find a Handmade by Robots character that fits your need? Be sure to check with us again soon! We're always adding to our collections to help you and yours build an even better collection!