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Products 1 - 4 of 4

Smuggler and self-proclaimed scoundrel, Han Solo never had to rely on luck to get through a bad situation. Well, there was that one time when he flew straight into an asteroid belt. Then, there was that other time where he charged headfirst into a whole squad of Stormtroopers. And then, there was that one time where Princess Leia fell madly in love with him. Okay, so maybe Han isn't afraid to take advantage of a lucky break, but when you're behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon and your best friend is a Wookiee who can toss a Trandoshan halfway across Tatooine, you definitely have the tools to keep yourself alive when you don't have luck on your side.

Lucky for you, we're as big a fan of Han Solo as you are. That means we scour the galaxy, looking in every back alley on Coruscant, bartering with any Hutt we can find, just to have to best collection of trinkets, gifts and otherwise unattainable paraphernalia based on the Star Wars rogue. We can't tell you exactly what kind of deals we had to strike up with Jabba, but the good news is, we have them ready to ship to your location, provided you don't live in the Outer Rim Territories outside of Hutt Space. We're not allowed to talk about why...